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Former Inter Milan Player Rodrigo Palacio Plays Basketball Now

Former Inter Milan Player Rodrigo Palacio Plays Basketball Now

Despite being fairly rare, players partaking in two different sports isn’t entirely unheard of.

In fact, some of the greatest athletes in history have tried their hand at multiple sports professionally, including Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, Sir Vivian Richards etc.

In regards to football, the list is rather slim, although a few noteworthy names include Petr Cech, who took up ice-hockey post-retirement, and Paolo Maldini, who picked up the Tennis racket and managed to qualify for the Aspria Tennis Cup.

Another example we simply have to list on account of its peculiar nature is that of Tim Weise.

Tim Wiese in a WWE ring

The former Werder Bremen Goalie hung up the gloves aged 32 and picked up some weights instead, eventually landing a contract with WWE.

Recently, fans received a brand new addition to this elusive list, as the player in question opted to draw the curtains on his 20-year-long career, and hit the basketball court instead.

Rodrigo Palacio, the former Boca Juniors and Inter forward, concluded his contract with Serie-B side Brescia and joined up with Polisportiva Garegnano, a team from the 4th division of Italian Basketball.

Primarily known for his glittering spell at Boca, rocking a punk-era rat tail and sadly, for missing a crucial chance during the 2014 WC final against Germany, the 40-year-old has had quite the career.

A solid journeyman, Palacio played more than 350 games in Italy for various clubs. If that isn’t enough to jog your memory, he also had a cracker of a card in FIFA 15.

Nevertheless, after offers dried up towards the end of his spell at Brescia, the Argentine reconnected with an old hobby and spent pre-season with Garegnano, playing Basketball.

Eventually, the club deemed him good enough, and now Palacio is all set to play in the tournament.

Despite switching sports, the rat tail still remains, which certainly made us smile.

Palacio scored 14 points in a recent match.

Can Palacio miraculously lead Garegnano to the towering heights of the EuroLeague?

Obviously not, but that won’t stop us from rooting for him.