John Terry Uses Chelsea Triumphs to Savage Pesky Grammar Police

Social media and football are a rather unusual pairing.

On the bright side, these massive platforms bring fans closer to the action than ever, allowing for teams and players to interact with supporters in a more direct manner.

Conversely, interactivity also means that users online are pretty fast and loose with their opinions, and you can easily find a random account ridiculing any player, for any possible reason as well.

The volatile nature of these interactions often leads to players taking matters into their own hands, and most recently, it was Chelsea Legend John Terry who simply had to dish out a healthy dose of Attitude Adjustment.

The former England International has recently been touring Qatar, the 2022 World Cup hosts, and filming promotional content for the upcoming tournament.

Going by his posts on Twitter, the 41 was accompanied by Didier Drogba, Kaka, Iker Casillas, Kaka and David Villa in Qatar, which is actually a filthy 5-a-side team by the way.

Nevertheless, in his most recent update from the gulf nation, Terry commented on Manchester City’s game against United, and also heaped praise upon Erling Haaland.

The former Villa captain said, ‘A joy to watch Man City destroy Utd today, City are to good. How would you try and stop Erling Haaland? 
I haven’t seen a player like him ever.’

That should’ve been the end of it, but one user in the comments simply couldn’t keep a minor gripe to themselves, and patronizingly attempted to ‘teach’ Terry English.

But the former Chelsea defender was absolutely having none of it.

He cooked up a devastating rebuttal and responded by saying
‘Sorry about that but while you were at school learning I was winning Premier Leagues.’ So simple, yet so effective.

Fans felt the same way and were glad to see that JT is still as savage as ever.

Needless to say, refrain from pointing out the man’s typos, especially, and we cannot stress this enough if you’re a Spurs fan.