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Adama Traore Goes Extra Mile For 3 Young Wolves Fans With Surprise Car Park Race

Adama Traore Goes Extra Mile For 3 Young Wolves Fans With Surprise Car Park Race

The Premier League is the home of some of the best footballers in the world. The average salary of a Premier League footballer is higher than that of European leagues, because of how rich the English top division is and major money received from television rights.

To give a better example of how well the Premier League sides are paid – last season the 20th place Norwich City got over £98m from television rights.

This allows the teams to pay their players higher than most of the other leagues’ sides can and poach some of the best talents for themselves.

This is why the Premier League players rank among some of the richest ones in world football. Now due to their reputation, these players have a lot of fans and responsibilities on their shoulders.

Depending on the personality, a player can either be very interactive with fans – while some even opt to stay by themselves and not show eagerness to deal with the supporters in public spaces.

Some players shy away from public attention in the fear of being harmed or mobbed by the fans outside the pitch.

But then again, there are also a lot of players who love to speak with their supporters in public areas and even hang out with them on occasion.

One such footballer is Wolves winger Adama Traore, who remains a fan-favorite at the club despite having spent the second half of last season on loan at Barcelona.

After the La Liga club refused to sign him on a permanent basis in the summer, the Spanish winger opted to return back home to Wolves and has since featured in 6 Premier League games – scoring 1 goal as well.

It seems like Traore is still loved by a notable section of the club’s supporters, as was proven by a sweet little fan interaction he had recently.

A Wolves fan posted a tweet recalling how he had a lovely meet with the Spanish winger recently. Not only did Traore hang out with him, his child, and nephews – but also agreed to fulfill a wish from the children as well.

The young kids wanted the speedy winger to compete in a race with them at a car park, as they wanted to test their own pace against him.

Traore is well known as one of the quickest wingers in the Premier League as well as boasting a hulk-like figure that allows him to burst past players at ease.

The Spanish winger agreed to participate in a small race with the kids, which he understandably came out as the victor. He didn’t really take it easy on the children and opted to give them a competitive race – which seemed to delight them as well.

Traore seems to have rebuild his strong relationship with the Wolves faithful and will hope to give them many memorable moments this season.

The biggest objective for now, however, will be to get Wolves out of the relegation battle after a poor start to the season.