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The Iconic Orologio Signage You Might Have Missed In Inter Milan Kits This Season

The Iconic Orologio Signage You Might Have Missed In Inter Milan Kits This Season

Fan-created kits are usually top-notch, which is something you’re probably already aware of.

Hampered by no budget constraints, design limitations, tonal boundaries, etc, fans typically produce magnificent kits packed with details and references.

The standards of these designs are often so high that sportswear brands simply cannot keep up, which is why official kits usually pale in comparison to their fan-made counterparts.

This is primarily why we’re resolute supporters of fan-made official kits, if not all 3, at least one should occasionally be reserved for the club’s admirers to showcase their creativity.

It’s likely that our ramblings sound a bit quixotic, but to heed our case, let’s take a look at the inspired Inter Milan kits for 2022/23.

Considering that they’ve been out for months, we’ll keep the descriptions short.

The primary threads keep things simple and stick to the traditional blue with black stripes. White accents and logos round off the look, one which reflects the Inter ethos. 

Moving onto the away kit, a globetrotting design takes center stage.

Featuring a Turquoise-shaded map of the world, alongside those imaginary lines from your 5th-grade Geography lessons, the kit puts Milan in the spotlight despite scaling the world.

Both looks come off as love letters to the Nerazzurri, while the first highlights tradition and the other builds upon the name ‘Internazionale’.

Themes such as these cannot be accomplished without having proper fans on board, which is why Nike recruited kit designer Angelo Trofa.

The Inter fan played a significant role in the home kit and even devised a bespoke graphic that features subtlety in both kits.

Inspired by L’Orologio, the 20th-century restaurant that became the site of Inter’s birth back in 1908, the graphic borrows its signage, and takes inspiration from the club crest designed by co-founder and painter Giorgio Muggiani.

The final products are graphics exhibiting pride and lineage in equal measure, the one on the home kit reads ‘Milano’, while the International away kit displays ‘Internazionale’.

Delightful details such as these don’t come without genuine love and passion for the club. And this stunning design work just goes on to prove that kits can be trusted in the hands of supporters.