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The Harry Maguire-Inspired Insult Ghanaian MP Dished Out To His Opponent In Parliament

The Harry Maguire-Inspired Insult Ghanaian MP Dished Out To His Opponent In Parliament

Harry Maguire has likely become a household name in all of Ghana, but it’s safe to say that he’s not going to enjoy the reason for his sudden popularity in the African continent. Here’s why.

Ghana’s Parliament is currently debating the 2023 budget policy for the country.

Ghanaian member of Parliament, Isaac Adongo, is a member of the party opposing the merits of the bill.

Like in politics of all sorts, the 50-year-old turned to a line of personal attacks in order to prove his point against the Vice President of Ghana, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia.

While criticizing the Vice President, Mr Adongo turned to the world of football for a worthy metaphor to describe him. And he certainly communicated his agenda, but at the cost of Harry Maguire’s reputation.

Effectively telling the Speaker that the Vice President is working against the economic development of Ghana, the 50-year-old referred to him as an “Economic Maguire.”

The Ghanaian MP went on to say, “Mr. Speaker, when even opponents fail to score, Maguire will score for them.”

Obviously, the sly mockery of the Vice President left the entire Parliament amused and that was evident from the laughter that erupted across the room.

The story gets better though.

The opposition countered Adongo’s statements by saying that the previous term’s President, who was the face of the political party that Adongo belongs to, has the track record of Romelu Lukaku and said that it was better to be a Maguire than be a Lukaku in a time of economic crises.

This was, obviously a cheap shot reference to Lukaku’s disappointing performance and the numerous chances that he squandered in Belgium’s fixture against Croatia, which ultimately ended in a draw and marked the end of Belgium’s road in the Qatar World Cup.

Manchester United fans, however, were not appreciative of the mockery of their centre-back.

Pointing out the fact that Maguire has only scored 1 own goal in the 3 years that he has played and, in fact, performed well for the Red Devils, United fans condemned the unfair amount of criticism and mockery the 29-year-old has had to face.

Maguire should not be fazed by this incident given that he’s stacked up impressive performances for England at the World Cup

This entire incident is reminiscent of a time when we’d used to use each other’s names as insults, and unfortunately, Harry Maguire will have to outshine himself if he wishes to have any hope of redeeming his name in Ghana.

Twitter Reacts To Ghanaian MP Attacking Opponent By Referring To Him As Harry Maguire

@andyyax – I guess you’re actually not watching Maguire play for England in this tournament

@anMheanmhuir – My new favorite politician.

@Dr_J_MPH – Yup, Ghana- we are funny like that. Now watch us get back at Uruguay tomorrow- the whole country will be one giant party

@RealistGlizzy – The casual fan’s opinion of Maguire has gone too far now

@TsakleEdward – It’s not funny at all and I think Maguire’s attorney should take it up seriously

@Diranaire – I’m convinced that Ghana is a country in a comedy movie

@DeMajorGeneral – He has to take them to court. Clowns in our parliament. They don’t know anything. Maguire is more matured, sensible, than any of them there. If any of these our politicians can perform like Maguire with respect to what they do like GHA would be far better.

@roygalbert – So, let’s spin this then… Maguire playing well on international level. Does that mean finance guy need to be international minister? That’s his strength

@haron_Yanited – Nahhh I need England vs Ghana at the world cup