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Lionel Messi Beats Egg For Most-Liked Instagram Post Of All Time

Lionel Messi Beats Egg For Most-Liked Instagram Post Of All Time

Messi Messi Messi.

The clamour for the little Argentine since the World Cup victory is almost unprecedented. And it is deserved, might we add.

The final match itself was a crazy 3-3, and the whole world must have thought Leo had won it for his nation with a goal in extra time to give the South Americans the lead. But thanks to his PSG teammate Kylian Mbappe, the game went through to penalties, which Messi and co. subsequently won.

Since then, column inches, videos, posts and everything else possible has been dedicated to the number 10 and his undisputed status as the Greatest Of All Time.

But no social media post has gotten as much attention as the one that Lionel made himself.

The Instagram post literally flew. And we mean, literally.

Within a few hours, the post has millions of likes, to the point where it was in contention to become the most-liked post on Instagram.

Until then, the accolade belonged to a random post of an egg which was posted with the intention of making it the most liked post.

With upwards of 55 Million likes, the egg post had been undisputed at the top spot for almost four years.

But with Messi’s post garnering likes, word quickly spread that this was another record, perhaps the most unexpected, that Leo could break.

And fans joined hands in liking the post as well as unliking the egg, such was the determination of getting Leo that honour.

And then it happened. The record was broken.

The current count stands at:
Egg: 56M and decreasing
Messi: 58M and increasing

Well, humanity got together to prove that Messi is more popular than an egg.

While this record is in the bag, Messi is still behind in terms of overall followers on the platform.

That one belongs to his number 1 rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, with 519M.

Leo has since uploaded three more posts on his Insta, with each increasing in likes every passing minute.

Will he be the one to break his own record? If fans get together again, anything is possible.

The power of social media is real.