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Verdict: Salt Bae Getting His Hands On World Cup Trophy Was Infuriating AF

Verdict: Salt Bae Getting His Hands On World Cup Trophy Was Infuriating AF

Argentina won the 2022 FIFA World Cup on Sunday in a thriller. 

4-2 on penalties after 3-3 in playing time against two-time champions France. 

Lionel Messi, the team’s captain, was the first member of the team to lift the World Cup trophy into the air. However, there were several others, like Sergio Aguero, present as well who desired to touch the historic trophy and take part in the momentous occasion.

Salt Bae, a well-known chef whose real identity is Nusret Gökçe, managed to join the victorious squad and hold the trophy.

However, after the pictures of him posing for pictures while holding the trophy surfaced, Salt Bae might find himself in hot water. This is because he was basically breaching a long-standing World Cup custom.

According to FIFA regulations, only a narrow list of individuals are permitted to touch the prestigious award, but it appears the steak specialist defied tradition on Sunday during Argentina’s celebrations.

The World Cup Trophy, also known as the Jules Rimet trophy, was stolen immediately after Brazil won the championship for the third time in 1970, prompting the introduction of the rule protecting the handling of the trophy.

According to FIFA rules, the original World Cup Trophy must only be handled and held by a very small number of individuals which includes previous champions of the World Cup and leaders of the state. 

Salt Bae is obviously not one of the select few individuals. 

He was close to the team’s leader and hero Messi, but cameras caught Messi glaring at him.

Two times, the Turkish salt sprinkler in a suit and sunglasses tried to attract Messi’s attention by tapping him; however, although turning around momentarily each time, Messi was just not having any of it and appeared pretty irate.

Additionally, this wasn’t the first time Salt Bae was seen pestering football players. He did something very similar to someone on the other side of the joy spectrum, Mohamed Salah after he got injured in the Champions League Final.

Social media users were then clearly disappointed by the images, and many wondered why he was let to stand on the field and receive the trophy.

Some stated that Aguero himself is technically not someone allowed to hold the trophy, so his being celebrated for being there is hypocritical.

But Aguero was registered as a coach for the team. Salt bae? Not even the head chef of the team or something.

The hate for the salt sprinkler only grew as his pictures went viral.

We can actually see how he is forcefully taking the trophy away from the players. I mean, it is classless and it is a wonder no player in blue and white shoved him or asked him to leave.

The hate we are seeing is justified. A sport sacred to so many, a tournament watched by so many, a trophy worshipped by so many, cannot be allowed to be besmirched by a simpleton, fame-chasing guy.

Especially if it comes at a cost to the players who are in the winning squad.

Salt Bae is yet to respond with anything and frankly, we hope he does not. He has had his moment in the spotlight. It is time to quietly drive into the sunset.

It’s for his betterment and our sanctity.