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Former player Antonee Robinson spotted enjoying Everton meltdown on Twitter Spaces

Former player Antonee Robinson spotted enjoying Everton meltdown on Twitter Spaces

Winless in 6 Premier League outings, 16th on the table, and no glimpse of light on the horizon.

Safe to say, Everton are in a spot of bother. But what else is new?

Well, if the rumour mill is to be believed, gaffer Frank Lampard may finally be on his way out.

The Toffees’ latest defeat at the hands of Brighton looks to be the final nail in the coffin, as they were battered 4-1 at Goodison Park.

Losing to Roberto De Zerbi’s side is far from an upset, but Everton’s performance on the night was simply embarrassing.

Trailing by a goal in the second half, Everton conceded a second in the 51st minute, and what followed was pure capitulation.

They let in 2 more in a span of 6 minutes, and the game was done and dusted.

Familiar boos rang out throughout Goodison for the billionth time this season, and once again, the players departed with their heads lowered.

The sight has become a common feature for Everton over the past few years, and a group of concerned supporters convened on Twitter to express their disappointment following the game.

They hopped on a Twitter Space and proceeded to have a good ol’ meltdown over the state of the club, and among the attendees was a very surprising name.

That individual was none other than USMNT star Antonee Robinson, who previously played for the Toffees’ before eventually landing at Fulham.

The 25-year-old’s spell in Blue was largely forgettable, as he was sidelined by injuries for most of it, and spent the rest in Leighton Baines’ shadow.

Now at Fulham, Robinson is the starting fullback for the 7th placed side, while also being the first choice for his national side.

His presence on the Everton-centric Twitter space left many puzzled, although a few theories were quickly formulated.

Some suggested that the fullback was simply revelling in his former team’s sorrow, which likely has a bit to do with his spell at the club.

Others pointed out that Robinson might just be a concerned supporter himself, and implied that he probably has a soft spot for the side.

While the exact reason remains unknown, it’s likely one of the above, as his presence on that Twitter Space is far too specific to be a mere coincidence.

Safe to say, Robinson is probably glad he jumped ship and avoided the ongoing Evertonian collapse.