Twitter reacts to epic Alexis Sanchez Panenka face

Once a promising world talent who rubbed shoulders with Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta, and Xavi, Alexis Sanchez is now edging toward the end of his career at Olympique Marseille in Ligue 1.

The 34-year-old Chilean attacker has made his way to France after long stints with Barcelona, Arsenal, Manchester United, and Inter Milan. He’s had the best of all the footballing leagues in Europe and seems to settle in well with his new club, Marseille, which he joined in August 2022.

Sanchez has eight goals in 20 appearances this season and has been leading the forward line on the back of heaps of experience that he amassed at the biggest clubs in Europe.

But what stood out the most is the player’s ability to soak in the club’s culture and the nation that he’s playing in. Allow us to explain.

In the round of 64 of the French Cup, Marseille was pitched against Hyeres FC, a fourth-tier team in French football. A horrendous red card saw Eric Bailly make the walk to the dressing room, leaving Marseille with ten on the pitch. 

Fortunately, the Ligue 1 team won a penalty in the 45th minute. Sanchez came forward, squinted his eye, and scored a Panenka to give his team the lead at the end of the first half. 

However, his expression while scoring the Panenka penalty reminded everyone of a bygone era. The biggest reason was a thin moustache with faded ends that Sanchez sported during the game. 

The hairstyle along with the thin moustache was reminiscent of a time that existed almost a century ago in Europe when men usually were let off guard with such ludicrous yet enticing style. 

When the fans spotted the look, it was bound to create a reaction. Twitter doesn’t let you off the hook, no matter who you are. This is what exactly happened with Sanchez. 

His look was compared to Marlon Brando in Godfather; he was addressed as ‘Señor Sanchez.

He was seen as a replica of a revered French detective and a morphed nostalgic picture of Sanchez taking the pitch in the past was brought forward to show the absurdity of his style.

Nevertheless, if you toy with your looks as a football player, you are inviting comments irrespective of their nature. For Sanchez, his look seems to have given birth to more meme-worthy material to the football community for ages.