Ferran Torres stepping into the ring with Stefan Savic was a bold move

Football is a sport that is loved and enjoyed by millions of people around the world. It needs no introduction. Put simply, football is a game that requires skill, endurance, and teamwork, and it can bring people together in a way that few other activities can. 

But it is not always happy-go-lucky in the sport. Like every other, football too has its fair share of ugly moments.

And there are many reasons why fights occur in football. One of the most common is the intense competitiveness of the sport. The pressure to perform can be enormous, and this pressure can sometimes boil over into aggression and violence.

In addition to competitiveness and physicality, the emotional intensity of football can also contribute to fights. The game can be emotionally charged, with players experiencing a range of emotions including joy, frustration, and anger. These emotions can sometimes get the better of players, leading to altercations on the field.

Rivalries and Derbys are perfectly placed for such instances. The demands from fans are high and players try to give it their all every minute they’re on the pitch.

With Atletico Madrid and Barcelona being staunch rivals, all the criteria for a physical fight were met last night, when the two met for a La Liga match.

And physical fight we got.

Stefan Savic, representing Atletico Madrid, and Ferran Torres, from Barcelona’s corner, engaged in a brawl that most closely represented a wrestling scenario right out of a UFC fight.

The result: Both teams, Barca and Atletico, were reduced to 10 men.

After a clash at the midway point, Torres suddenly seemed enraged and, in the burst of anger, he was practically on Savic’s back as the two got into a tangle.

After that, the Spanish forward seemed to lose all composure, to the point where Savic blatantly responded by putting his rival in a headlock. Eventually, the two players were able to get up again.

Viewers were not only baffled by the fact that two players were straight-up fighting in the middle of a match but also very confused about what gave Ferran Torres enough confidence to fight a man like Stefan Savic.

Savic is a 6”2’ beast who was born in the eastern European nation of Montenegro. He played for Partizan in the Serbian National League and has lived through several “Eternal Derbies” against Red Star Belgrade. He is now Atletico Madrid’s rock and main centre-back, a team that is known to be defensively impregnable. 

Torres, on other hand, is a 22-year-old young talent who started his career at Villareal, got his move to Manchester City and is now playing for his dream club, Barcelona. For Torres to pick a fight with Savic is questionable, to say the least. 

Some spoke about how Torres’ ego issue caused him to just ignore who he was getting in a scrap with.

Others compared the scene to this hilarious analogy.

The way the two grabbed each other has not gone unnoticed either. Torres grabbed Savic’s hair, while Savic grabbed Ferran’s manhood.

Fortunately for Torres and Barcelona, however, not only did the two red cards guarantee that the teams stayed evenly balanced, but the altercation took place so late that it did not really jeopardise the outcome.

Barcelona won the match and are now 3 points clear of rivals Real Madrid.

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