EDM sensation Skrillex looks unrecognizable now

Unless you’ve been dwelling inside a cave for the past decade, you’re probably already acquainted with DJ Skrillex. 

Sonny John Moore or ‘Skrillex’ is an American artist who has won 8 Grammys and was also the cornerstone of the EDM wave that took over in the early 2010s.

Despite being a metalhead during his youth, Skrillex took on Electronic Music whole-heartedly and went on to change the game. 

Mixed with his metal influences, Skrillex pioneered the hardcore dubstep sub-genre, releasing a number of chart-topping and head-banging tracks, which captivated younger audiences. 

While naysayers viewed his music as cacophonous anomalies, the youth continued to dance on, and Skrillex slowly became the face of a generation.

Aside from dominating house parties and gaming compilations for years, the artist’s distinct look also grew in popularity. 

Wearing his punk, emo and metal influences unashamedly, Skrillex has mostly stuck to the edgy handbook, rocking all-black clothing paired with a rocker’s persona. 

But the most popular element of his style has to be his haircut, equipped with a buzzcut on one side, and long hair on the other, the trim was as emo as it gets.

While the ‘Skrill cut’ is destined to live on in the memories of Millennials, the man who brought it into the vogue has finally decided to move on. 

This came to light as Skrillex recently debuted his new look on social media, leaving fans in a state of disbelief.

Gone is the emo flip, the clean shave, and the inherent edginess, as the artist has now opted for a more mainstream look. 

As seen in these images, Skrillex’s new look comprises a medium-sized beard, slicked-back hair, and the evident essence of maturity.

Some hallmarks still remain, like the all-black clothing and earrings, but all in all, the artist looks almost entirely unrecognizable.

Fans on Twitter felt the same way, as they rubbed their eyes in disbelief, while also receiving a timely reminder of their age. 

Some likened his new look to fellow artist Drake, and even labelled him as ‘White Drake’.

Others poked fun by referring to him as a polished Jon Snow, who was a primary character on HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’.

Now 34, it’s easy to see why Skrillex felt the need to switch styles, after all, everyone gets over their ‘Emo phase’.

In case you were wondering, the music still bangs, his latest single ‘Rumble’ is out now.