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What’s The Mudryk x Shakhtar Video Taking Shots At Marc Cucurella All About?

What’s The Mudryk x Shakhtar Video Taking Shots At Marc Cucurella All About?

Chelsea‘s recent acquisition of Ukrainian international, Mykhaylo Mudryk, has been a topic of discussion among fans and analysts alike.

The left-winger’s transfer from Shakhtar Donetsk was a long and complicated saga that was finally resolved just a few weeks ago. 

However, since joining the London club, things have not gone as smoothly for Mudryk as he and his new club would have hoped for.

The 22-year-old’s struggles at Chelsea have largely been due to his relationship with left-back Marc Cucurella.

The two players have been having difficulty working together on the field, with Cucurella at times ignoring Mudryk on the left flank and playing the ball elsewhere. 

This has led to frustration on Mudryk’s part and has been noted by fans, who seem to be siding with him. They have created videos and memes depicting Cucurella ignoring the Ukrainian international.

To make matters worse, Mudryk himself ‘liked’ a meme related to this topic, but later unliked it.

This caused a stir among fans and further fueled speculation about the dwindling relationship between the two players.

The situation between the two players took another turn when club co-owner Todd Boehly’s Twitter account ‘liked’ a tweet from a Chelsea fan account, which was critical of Cucurella’s performance.

The post quoted former Chelsea defender Frank Leboeuf saying that Cucurella is not good enough for the club. 

In further development, a video has emerged that has only added fuel to the fire.

The video, which was shot in Warsaw and features Mudryk saying goodbye to his former Shakhtar teammates has created a buzz on social media. 

In the video, one of Mudryk’s teammates jokingly asks him if he needs a new left-back instead of Cucurella.

Mudryk is seen nodding and saying “yes” before quickly saying “don’t post this online”. This video has caused a lot of speculation and clearly indicates the tension between the two players.

The reaction to the video has been mixed, with Chelsea fans having various opinions on the matter. Some believe that the video is either very old or that the translation is inaccurate.

If the video were old, it would not hold much weight.

However, it seems it is very new and was shot just a day ago. Proof of this is that Shakhtar posted all the stories and videos just yesterday all at once, and one fan even spotted Dmytro  Riznyk, a new signing, in the video. 

Additionally, about the translation, many Russian-speaking fans have confirmed that the translation is accurate, and several Ukrainian newspapers have also reported that the translation is genuine.

There have been some fans who have criticized Mudryk for causing friction so early on in his Chelsea career, while others agree with him and believe that Cucurella, who himself is a summer signing, needs to be sold. 

Meanwhile, rival fans, particularly Arsenal’s, have been rejoicing in the Ukrainian international’s struggles at Chelsea.

The video has added another layer to the ongoing transfer saga of Mudryk, who has been having trouble adapting to his new club Chelsea. Regardless of the truth, the situation has certainly added to the drama and will be one to watch as the season progresses.