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How Tottenham fans are flipping the script on a chant that has haunted them forever

How Tottenham fans are flipping the script on a chant that has haunted them forever

Tottenham Hotspur have historically been linked with players packed with flair, an attractive style of football, and unfortunately, a startling lack of success.

The London outfit are known to be pretty short on silverware, with their last major honour coming all the way back in 2008.

Aside from this, Spurs also have a tendency to falter on big occasions, be it the Champions League final back in 2019 or the EFL Cup final from 2021, the club just hasn’t had luck on its side.

Furthermore, they’ve also struggled when faced up against their fellow London neighbours.

For instance, Tottenham have a win ratio of 29.7% in all of their games against Arsenal, the same stat sits at 27.6% for games against Chelsea.

They haven’t fared much well against West Ham United either, with the recorded win ratio being 46.9%.

Losing to local rivals is known to lead to mockery, and with Spurs having such a lacklustre record against London teams, the teasing actually turned into an infamous chant.

For years, chants of ‘Tottenham get battered everywhere they go’ rang out after full-time at the London Stadium, Stamford Bridge, The Emirates, and occasionally, at White Hart Lane.

But as of right now, the tides are rapidly changing.

While Arsenal have raced to the top, the likes of Chelsea and West Ham are languishing in obscurity.

The mighty Blues are teetering on the edge of the top half, and the Hammers are currently involved in relegation drudgery.

Against the backdrop, Antonio Conte’s side is staking a strong claim for the 4th Champions League slot, having beaten both Chelsea and West Ham at home this season.

Safe to say, the balance in London is beginning to shift, and the Tottenham faithful are simply revelling in the chaos.

After being ridiculed for decades by both fanbases, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that Spurs fans might hold a bit of a grudge.

And with their fellow London rivals currently in the mud, they’ve made sure to rub their faces in it.

The Spurs support have taken the age-old ‘get battered everywhere they go’ chant and introduced a neat new twist.

Instead of the subject being ‘Tottenham Hotspur’, the chant now features the names ‘Chelsea’ and ‘West Ham.’

Their flip on the chant was discovered through a series of clips, all of them displaying the new iteration in action.

The first of these popped up after the side’s 2-0 victory against West Ham courtesy of a commanding second-half display. 

After full-time, fans gathered at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium’s concourse all broke into song about how ‘West Ham get battered everywhere they go’.

A similar treatment was afforded to Chelsea, who they faced the very next week after the Blues were comfortably brushed aside for another 2-0 win.

The chant isn’t just petty, it’s also rooted in reality, as both teams are currently losing to basically everyone.

Their defeats to Spurs really outlined the present hierarchy in London, as Chelsea and West Ham were beaten rather comfortably.

Much like the original, we expect this altered chant to take off. And it wouldn’t be surprising to spot fans of other clubs singing it out loud after beating Chelsea or West Ham.