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Look: Mikel Arteta flaunts secret finger tattoo dedicated to model wife Lorena Bernal

Look: Mikel Arteta flaunts secret finger tattoo dedicated to model wife Lorena Bernal

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has seen his stocks soar in the last year or so, as the Spaniard has overseen an incredible rebuild at the Emirates.

Arteta took over the Arsenal job without having any prior experience as a manager, the sole reference on his CV was that of assistant coach at Manchester City.

The Gunners’ administration took a big risk by appointing the 40-year-old, a gamble that is finally beginning to pay off.

For 2 straight seasons, Arsenal suffered lacklustre League campaigns and finished outside the converted Champions League spots.

Most owners would’ve pulled the plug long ago, but Arsenal stuck with Arteta, and now, the Spaniard looks well on his way to rewarding the faith with a long-awaited Premier League title.

By integrating young talents and imbibing them with an eye-catching style of play, Arteta has created a unit that will likely bring glory to Arsenal for years.

But for now, it has given the manager plenty of well-deserved credibilities.

Arteta is on the edge of being deemed a so-called ‘Football auteur’, a couple more solid seasons and you’ll see the Spaniard be mentioned in the same breath as the likes of  Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp and Carlo Ancelotti.

The Spaniard is even making moves to enhance his public image; he recently gave an exclusive interview to The Telegraph, one which was rather unorthodox in nature.

Interviews with other coaches usually revolve around the Footy, alongside tidbits about their personal life.

In contrast, Arteta’s interview was a lifestyle piece in its entirety, the topics covered ranged from the Spaniard’s hobbies and food preferences to superstitious and daily routines.

The 40-year-old even threw on his freshest suits for a stylish photoshoot, and fans online were left in awe seeing the manager’s potential as a model.

Nevertheless, eagle-eyed fans online also spotted a small tattoo on Arteta’s finger, leading to questions surrounding its meaning and purpose.

As seen in this image, the minuscule bit of ink is situated on his left ring finger and the tattoo itself is a stylized ‘L’.

The meaning behind the ink has all to do with Arteta’s wife Lorena Bernal.

Bernal is an Argentine-Spanish actress, television host and model, she also won the honour of Miss Spain back in 1999.

The couple met in San Sebastian when they were 19, following which, they sparked a long-term relationship culminating in their marriage in 2010.

As most young couples do, Arteta and Bernal reaffirmed their relationship by getting a pair of symbolic tattoos almost 20 years ago.

The Arsenal gaffer got her first initial: ‘L’, and Bernal did the same with the letter ‘M’ on her hand.

The tattoo was etched long before the pair got married, which says quite a bit about their commitment to each other.

Safe to say, they haven’t grown to regret the tattoos.