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Are Doppelgangers Mesut Ozil And Enzo Ferrari Related?

Are Doppelgangers Mesut Ozil And Enzo Ferrari Related?

Former Germany International and Arsenal Icon Mesut Ozil is known for being many things – a left-footed magician, a technical maestro, and even a World Cup winner.

But peculiarly enough, Ozil is also known to be the reincarnation of Enzo Ferrari, that is if you believe conspiracy theories of course.

The 34-year-old recently bid farewell to the beautiful game, as he penned a heartfelt letter and shared it with fans through his social accounts. 

Despite retiring relatively early, the midfielder can gladly look back upon a glittering career.

During his prime years, Ozil was firmly one of Football’s greatest No 10s, a lethal operator in between the lines capable of beating players, scoring screamers, and deploying some outrageous passes. 

Following a successful stint at Real Madrid, the midfielder made the storied switch to Arsenal and quickly became a fan favorite. He departed North London with an impressive tally of 54 assists alongside 4 FA Cup titles, which secured his status as a player the streets won’t ever forget.

His record with the German National team is just as impressive, particularly his 2014 World Cup campaign.

Ozil finished the tournament in Brazil as Die Mannschaft’s top-scorer with 8 goals, he also created the second-most chances (17) throughout the tournament. 

Germany’s World Cup win added the ultimate feather to the midfielder’s cap, and despite the middling end to his career, Ozil remains an Icon. 

The former Arsenal man has been the subject of numerous conspiracies over the years, the most baffling of which was one that linked him to Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari. 

The uncanny similarity between Mesut Ozil and Enzo Ferrari

At first glance, there don’t appear to be a ton of similarities between a footballer and an automobile auteur. But in this particular case, there happen to be a couple of glaring ones.

But first, a brief introduction to the man known as ‘il Commendatore’.

Enzo Ferrari founded the Ferrari Automobile mark, and he also established the now-iconic Scuderia Ferrari Grand Prix motor racing team. 

His deep love for motor racing propelled the Ferrari team to new heights and by extension, the Ferrari brand.

Enzo passed away aged 90 on the 14th of August in 1998.

And nearly 2 months later or 61 days to be precise, Mesut Ozil was born. Coincidence? Probably.

But just have a look at their facial features, the similarities are simply mind-blowing.

From the slicked-back hair to the shape of the nose, Ozil and Enzo looked almost identical. 

Even the lines that formed around their smile look the same, and the only notable difference appears to be the face shape.

Naturally, this comparison provided plenty of fire to the theory that the duo may be related, as fans began speculating that Enzo Ferrari returned as Mesut Ozil just 2 months after his demise. 

Though there is no chance that both are related whatsoever, they also share another trait – creativity. Both figures were highly creative, with Ozil on the pitch and Enzo in the factory.