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Fans Shocked By Sudden Aging of Mesut Ozil: ‘Who’s This Guy Bruv’

Fans Shocked By Sudden Aging of Mesut Ozil: ‘Who’s This Guy Bruv’

German midfield maestro Mesut Ozil has probably experienced one of the biggest drop-offs in recent footballing history. From winning the World Cup to complete oblivion, Ozil has seen it all in just ten years. 

The German playmaker was a creative force like none other and his stats back him up. But ever since he left Real Madrid, he has slowly drifted away from football.

Probably the last midfielder of his kind, Ozil was a husk of the player that he originally was by the time Mikel Arteta took charge of Arsenal but it is his complete resignation from the game that has stunned the fans.

In a recent photograph of Ozil, he looks unrecognisable and the fans were at hand to point it out.

The photograph that has surfaced on X (formerly Twitter) showed Ozil in a much bulkier avatar. His cheeks have filled out, his body looked wider and heavier.

As a whole, he looked nothing like the gangly and athletic player who could bend time and space. The netizens also found it very difficult to understand the rationale behind this Torres-esque change. 

What made the fans interact in droves was his not-so-healthy demeanour. Ozil looks considerably aged in the picture. The bright spark in his eyes also seemed to have depleted completely.

Although he looks more muscular than ever, it doesn’t always mean he is healthy. Fans can’t comprehend how much he has aged in just one year.

Currently retired, Ozil is enjoying retirement with his family. He certainly does not have to worry about matches anymore.

As one of the premier players on the planet, one can assume that Ozil has enough in the bank to keep him away from financial stress as well.

His family with Amine Ozil has seldom made the headlines. So what is making Ozil age so drastically?

According to research, consumption of steroids can have many adverse effects and expedited ageing is one of them.

Looking at Ozil right now, fans are beyond any doubt that he has been taking steroids in droves in order to get his desired body structure.


Ozil has also put on a lot of weight which has probably taken away the youthful gleam he once had. The added weight, coupled with the ambient light of the evening may have made him look older than usual. 

Whatever the reason might be, the former German midfielder has gone through a rapid transformation. His swollen face on camera has undoubtedly made people wonder about his health and that is a testament to the amount of love and respect he commands.