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Tottenham’s Manor Solomon Sparks Outrage with IG Post: What Happened and Why It Matters

Tottenham’s Manor Solomon Sparks Outrage with IG Post: What Happened and Why It Matters

Tottenham Hotspur winger Manor Solomon couldn’t be more obvious with whom he’s supporting in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Even though the 24-year-old, who has been compared to Arjen Robben due to his playing style, missed the majority of the 2023/24 season with an injury, that isn’t stopping him from being quite proactive on social media.

Solomon has been very vocal about supporting his nation’s actions in Palestine and has seemingly defended the horrific latest attacks on Rafah. Over 45 people were killed in Rafah after Israeli armed forces dropped bombs in an attempt to wipe out the ‘terrorists’ residing among the civilians.

Later on, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted that the operation had gone totally ‘wrong’ and it was never the orders to hurt civilians – including many children residing in the places which were attacked.

After this shocking turn of events, millions on social media have started a campaign called ‘All Eyes on Rafah’ in an attempt to get mainstream attention and save the citizens of the Palestinian city from further harm.

However, some pro-Israel people have created an opposite campaign with the question being asked ‘Where were your eyes on October 7?’.

This is in reference to when the Hamas militant group invaded Israel on that day, killing and kidnapping many people to basically start this ongoing conflict.

Solomon also wants to make sure that people are not forgetting the horrible crimes that were committed against their citizens and fearlessly posted this on his Instagram.

Solomon is now earning a lot of criticism for his unbreakable support for his nation’s actions on Palestinian soil.

A lot of fans are calling on Tottenham to punish him or at least make a statement to condemn the winger’s antics on social media.

Spurs are being urged to do this to show some necessary support for Palestine and also clamp down on their players becoming overly- political for the wrong reasons.

Some have even pointed out the hypocrisy in Spurs being silent as compared to what happened to Anwar El-Ghazi for his Pro-Palestine sentiments.

Last year, El Ghazi saw Mainz terminate his contract for posting some statements on his social media to defend Palestine. On the other hand, Tottenham keep staying silent, even though Solomon is continuously showing his Pro-Israel sentiments on his Instagram.

A lot of Tottenham fans are voicing their dismay at their club’s silence in this important period when Rafah and Palestine need widespread support more than ever.

However, a major reason why the Lilywhites have been keeping quiet about this entire conflict is because the club themselves have a proud lineage of Jewish links.

Spurs have had, and still have, a strong Jewish fanbase and a lot of them travel to their matches on a regular basis. In fact, around 5% of the matchgoing fans in Tottenham’s matches are predicted to be Jewish.

That’s why seeing an Israeli flag at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium won’t be entirely surprising.

Moreover, Spurs’ majority owner, Joe Lewis, is also Jewish and is unlikely to clamp down on a player like Solomon for supporting his own country.

In fact, the signing of Solomon was probably to appease their Jewish fans because of the winger being born and bred in Israel.

Tottenham made a statement on the Israel-Palestine conflict five days after the October 7 attacks last year, condemning the violence against civilians and showing support for Israel after the country was rocked by the Hamas attacks. But they’ve stayed silent on Israel’s retaliation since and are unlikely to comment on it either.

Solomon is unlikely to be punished for his actions on social media because of Spurs’ strong Jewish connection’s love for him.

However, with a lot of Tottenham fans infuriated about the Israeli winger’s social media antics, the club might feature him in sporadic fashion until the Israel-Palestine conflict shows signs of de-escalation.