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LFC Remain Neutral But Wife of Joe Gomez Takes a Stand

LFC Remain Neutral But Wife of Joe Gomez Takes a Stand

Liverpool have had an interesting stance on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. The Reds have taken to support the Premier League’s stance in condemning the violence going on due to the war.

But they haven’t exactly voiced their own opinion on which side they’re on. In fact, Liverpool have even stopped their own fans from showcasing support for Palestine in matches.

Indeed, matchgoing fans have been stopped from bringing Palestinian or Israeli flags to Anfield because the Premier League and UEFA both ban such material from their matches.

The club seems to play a diplomatic game in neutrality, but the same can’t be said about the players. Liverpool forward Mo Salah recently released an emotional video where he condemned the pain on the Palestinians and urged for the conflict to be ended.

But one more surprise hero for the Liverpool fans supporting Palestine appears to be the wife of defender Joe Gomez. The English defender has not spoken on this ongoing conflict at all, but his partner does not seem to be willing to play the silent game.

Recently, Tamara Gomez reposted a message on her Instagram story condemning Israel’s repeated attacks on Gaza and trying to make Palestine a wasteland. The message was not written by her, but reposted from another account.

However, with the message ending with a hint that Israel’s attacks on Gaza are the ‘deliberate destruction of a land of one people’ – it won’t take much to indicate which side Tamara is on.

Tamara and Joe Gomez have been together for many years now and also have a son. They apparently met on a bus on Joe’s way to school way back in 2014, when he was still only a teenager. Joe has insisted that they live quite a ‘boring life’ and are rarely seen in public places together.

Tamara Gomez graduated from Kingston University with a Business Management degree in 2018 and has been with Joe ever since. There isn’t that much information on exactly what she does, but she does live with Joe in Cheshire.

It also appears that Tamara isn’t the one to stay silent on the ongoing issues at a time when many Liverpool footballers and their partners have gone radio silent.

There is probably a reason why many footballers have strayed clear of this topic making comments that might bring repercussions.

Bundesliga club Mainz even terminated Anwar Al Ghazi’s contract recently after he showcased support for Palestine on social media.

Liverpool fans are praising Tamara Gomez for standing up against adversity and making her stance known really well.

Fans are praising her for standing up for Palestine and are relieved that Tamara appears to be a breath of fresh air as compared to ex-midfielder Fabinho’s wife Rebecca Tavares and her controversial social media posts.

Even some Liverpool fans who don’t like Gomez that much due to his error-prone nature appear to have found a liking for him because of his wife!

Tamara Gomez might have set the standard and an example of a discreet yet compelling way for a footballer or their partner to show their stance in the ongoing conflict rather than just staying quiet about the persisting issue.