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Mesut Ozil’s Physical Transformation Post Retirement Will Leave You Speechless: See Before and After Pics

Mesut Ozil’s Physical Transformation Post Retirement Will Leave You Speechless: See Before and After Pics

Mesut Ozil had to unfortunately cut his footballing career short and retire at the age of 34 in 2023. This was after a few difficult years since Arsenal released him in 2021, after which stints at Turkish sides Fenerbahce and Istanbul Basaksehir failed to be rewarding. However, it appears that Ozil is now fully focused on getting absolutely jacked up physically in his post-retirement life.

The ex-Germany midfielder blamed recurring injuries as the major reason behind his premature retirement. He refused to play with pain and see his performances perpetually dwindle. Ozil was at least fortunate enough to have the privilege of an early retirement. He reportedly earned a whopping salary of £130 million from 2013-2023 (after leaving Real Madrid) and had further earnings from sponsors too.

Unlike some other top-level footballers, Ozil doesn’t seem interested in moving to management or doing punditry work yet. Going by this recent activity on social media, his main goal in life right now is to just bulk up and achieve the optimum body structure.

Mesut Ozil’s Jaw-Dropping Physical Makeover After Hanging Up His Boots

The 35-year-old midfielder, who won the FIFA World Cup with Germany as well as major titles with Real Madrid, seems to be a relieved and relaxed man after retirement. He’s pleased not to be in the media’s spotlight all the time and is able to spend more time with his family.

Mesut Ozil of Real Madrid during a spanish league match between Espanyol and Real Madrid at the Estadi Cornella on February 13, 2011 in Barcelona, Spain
Mesut Ozil looking a lanky figure while playing for Real Madrid in 2011.

On top of that, he is also being able to buff up physically. For most of his playing career, Ozil was not known for being the most physical player. He had incredible technical skills and passing ability, but he often lost out on duels due to his frail figure. It appears he wants to get rid of that reputation by really working on toning his muscles and jacking up.

In a recent video posted on his Instagram, the German star is pushing himself to the limit in the gym. He can be seen working hard in some body-building exercises, lifting weights and doing other endurance or muscle-building exercises too. Along with the video, he wrote a motivational quote in the captions that reads: “Always stay ready, then you don’t need to get ready.”

Ozil had never really been that focused on showing off in the gym during his playing career, but that has now changed. It also appears that the 35-year-old’s hard work is paying off. He is taking the help of Turkish body builder and fitness trainer Alper Aksaç, who operates the popular A7 Underground gym in Istanbul. Aksac is the one who advises Ozil on his diet and gym exercises to help him reach his optimum physique.

That is because the shape of his biceps, triceps and chest all look to have significantly increased. The 35-year-old also seems to be developing his set of abs too. He has now achieved this Heculian-like appearance and almost has that intimidating nature to him. Safe to say that if some thugs try to rob Ozil (like they did in 2021 when he was at Arsenal), they’re in for a nasty beating.

Ozil seems to be really enjoying this new workout routine to bulk himself up. He has also posted clips where he’s working out with his wife Amine Gulce (former Miss Turkey) – whom he’s been married for five years. Gulce might not be aiming for the kind of muscular body shape as him, but seems quite the fitness freak herself too.

Mesut Ozil Joins the Ranks of Fully Jacked Retired Footballers

The ex-Germany star seems to have been inspired by a number of ex-footballers who tend to really beef up their physique after retirement.

Fernando Torres is, of course, a rather famous case study. The current Atletico Madrid youth team coach was never the most physical striker in his hay days, but now he’s almost as big as a professional bodybuilder with huge arms.

Some other footballers to have built up huge physical shapes after their retirement include ex-Werder Bremen goalkeeper Tim Wiese and former Bayern Munich defensive midfielder Ze Roberto.

There are reasons why Ozil or other footballers opt to really beef up their physique after hanging up their boots. That is because footballers, or any major athletes, tend to excessively gain weight after leaving the game. Case in point, the Brazilian legend Ronaldo Nazario.

Another reason behind this is working out and enlarging himself physically can be a form of coping mechanism. In the case of Ozil, who enjoyed a nearly two-decade professional footballing career, he needs some alternative after leaving the game. He seems to have chosen exercises and transformed his physique as his new obsession to keep himself motivated.