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Matt Turner Becomes 2nd American Player To Bring ‘Dawg’ To The Premier League

Matt Turner Becomes 2nd American Player To Bring ‘Dawg’ To The Premier League

Despite his status as a reserve goalkeeper, Arsenal’s Matt Turner remains a prominent character in the squad.

And in a recent interview, Aaron Ramsdale shared a hilarious anecdote surrounding the 28-year-old, which sums up exactly why Turner is so well-liked within the fanbase.

The USMNT International joined the Gunners last year as a backup for first-choice Ramsdale. 

He went on to make his Arsenal debut in July, and aside from some occasional appearances, Turner has largely remained on the bench for Mikel Arteta’s side. 

In contrast, the former New England Revolution player is effectively the primary keeper for his national side, having made 26 appearances for the USMNT, including 4 starts at the Qatar World Cup.

Turner is on track to make Premier League history, a feat which will mainly hinge on Arsenal winning the league. 

If the Gunners end up clinching the title, the 28-year-old will become the second-ever American to win the Prem, with the first being Zack Steffen.

To aid Arsenal on its way, Turner is bringing plenty to the table.

Aside from his keeping talents, USMNT International also brings the positivity required in a dressing room, essentially fulfilling his role in maintaining morale.

And as per a recent discovery, Turner also appears to be Arsenal’s resident ‘funnyman’.

As stated by fellow teammate Aaron Ramsdale in a recent interview, the 28-year-old is the ‘funniest man in the squad’, albeit ‘unintentionally’.

After being questioned about his cheeky final comment, Ramsdale said that Turner’s ‘Americanisms’ were the reason.

Matt Turner brings ‘dawg’ back to the Premier League

To justify his comment, the England International shared an anecdote about Turner, one that sounded uncannily similar to an infamous story involving Micah Richards and Clint Dempsey.

The anecdote was a brief tale of Turner’s attempts at leveling with a protesting Kevin De Bryune. He did so by saying the words ‘Relax dawg, it’s a dogfight out there’.

While we’re not sure whether it calmed De Bruyne down, it certainly drew out plenty of laughs from fans online, even Ramsdale chuckled as he was telling the tale.

The term ‘dawg’ is as American as it gets, and seeing it used in the English top flight is honestly pretty hilarious.

Turner’s usage of ‘dawg’ makes him the second American player to do so in the Prem, with the first being Clint Dempsey in a slightly heated interaction with Micah Richards.

You’ve probably heard the popular story by now, the former Man City man tackled Dempsey, who promptly retorted with ‘You don’t know where I’m from dawg’.

While Dempsey’s usage was intended to be threatening, Turner was simply trying to humor De Bruyne. And if this tells us anything, it’s that ‘dawg’ can be used in a variety of situations.