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Look: Tottenham Defender Pedro Porro Shares Candid Moments with His Furry Family

Look: Tottenham Defender Pedro Porro Shares Candid Moments with His Furry Family

Pedro Porro’s start at Tottenham Hotspur has been far from ideal.

The fullback was signed by Portuguese outfit Sporting on the deadline day of the recent winter window, for an initial loan fee with an obligation to buy in the summer.

A highly-rated prospect, the 23-year-old reportedly raised eyebrows at a number of other clubs, including Chelsea and former employers Manchester City.

Nevertheless, the Spaniard was identified as the ideal wingback for the back 3 system currently in place at Spurs, and as such, Daniel Levy and co made their move.

Sadly, the transfer has failed to pay dividends at this early stage, and Porro has even begun attracting abuse from the Spurs faithful.

The lowest point of his Spurs career so far came during the Lilywhites’ recent game against Bournemouth, as the fullback held a sizable portion of the blame for Spurs’ 3-2 defeat.

He conceded possession on 2 crucial moments in the game, with both resulting in goals for the visitors.

Angered by losing on home soil, Spurs fans directed plenty of criticism towards Porro following the game, forcing the Spaniard to briefly deactivate his socials.

A few days later, the fullback broke his silence and addressed the situation through a heartfelt message on Twitter, upon translation it read, “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only option you have left. Thanks for the loving messages.”

Fans online appreciated his positive outlook, and the fullback received further messages of support.

Porro has now properly returned to social media, having reactivated all of his briefly disabled socials.

His social media activity has also returned to normalcy, as the 23-year-old recently posted some adorable images of his furry best friends.

As seen below, Porro is the proud owner of 2 Shiba Inus, the rare hunting dog breed native to Japan.

Despite being constrained to one native location, Shiba Inus, or ‘brushwood dogs’ are one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the entire world.

They became widely known by being a staple in popular culture, from the ‘doge’ meme, to the cryptocurrency aptly named ‘dogecoin’, Shiba Inus are a cultural phenomenon.

Naturally, they’re also popular house pets, and while spotting Shiba Inus outside of Japan is still relatively rare, it certainly isn’t entirely uncommon.

Porro either picked up his pups during a visit to Japan or had them acquired through a source, which is the more likely explanation.

In one of the images,  he can be seen playing with the adorable duo in his backyard, while the others are portrait shots of both dogs in all of their glory.

The images came with the caption “The truest love”, which suggests that the lovable canines rank high on Porro’s list of priorities.

The wholesome post is a welcome switch-up from all the gloominess surrounding Tottenham at the moment, and as such, Spurs fans welcomed the post with open arms.