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The Heartwarming Way Pedro Porro Made One Tottenham Fan’s Dream Come True

The Heartwarming Way Pedro Porro Made One Tottenham Fan’s Dream Come True

Pedro Porro hasn’t exactly had an ideal start to his Tottenham Hotspur – joining the club in the midst of an awful meltdown. He’s already played under three different managers in just over three months and is yet to even properly adapt to the conditions of English football.

The Spanish defender has had his share of topsy-turvy performances over the last few months. He’s been accused of not being able to defend properly, but in reality, has just been a part of a vastly underperforming Spurs side in recent months.

The 23-year-old showed signs of real promise in Spurs’ recent 2-2 draw against Manchester United on April 27, scoring an impressive goal that inspired the turnaround. He put in an energetic display in front of the hungry Spurs fans to prove that the club were right in bringing him into their squad in the winter window.

Porro managed to win over most of the Tottenham supporters with his performance which included an excellent goal using the outside of his boot. His performance was glittering enough to have enough content for Tottenham fans and a Twitter compilation video maker to create a clip on him.

For that unknowing, compilation makers take clips from matches in which they often track the bright moments involving one player and their impressive contributions. There are more kinds of comp makers, with the majority being a ‘goal compilation or ‘assist compilation’ you can generally find on Twitter or YouTube.

The Tottenham compilation maker, Jzr Productions, managed to catch the attention of Porro himself with his video. This is a pretty rare thing, considering that footballers mostly ignore such compilation videos of their performances – irrespective of how good or bad.

Porro managed to track down Jzr (known as Javed) on Instagram and decided to ask them to send the video of his compilation. Javed was absolutely ecstatic by the Spaniard’s response and immediately sent him the clip to allow him to post it on his Instagram story.

The Spurs right-back posted the video on his personal account for thousands of fans to see, which is the top-most validation that any video compilation maker can ask for. Javed was, of course, over the moon to have his excellent work recognized by a Premier League player. Not just that, but Porro also posted the video on his TikTok account as well.

Javed had a rollercoaster of 24 hours or so, which also came with its lows. The compilation maker ended up seeing his Instagram account banned soon after Porro uploaded his video on his story. This is because video editors like him run a risky line of work.

Because most of the compilation makers don’t have the right to use official match footage, which is copyrighted by the broadcasters, they end up breaking the rules of many social media platforms. As a result, Javed’s edit account – where he uploaded his compilation clips – has been banned by Instagram.

In fact, the video editor has even had one of his previous Twitter edit accounts banned because of similar rules on that platform. Irrespective of this, compilation creators like Jzr won’t really care that much as long as the players themselves start appreciating their admiration for these edits – which are mostly created to make them look good and improve their popularity among fans.