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From Pitch to Pub: How Jota Connected with Celtic Fans on a Personal Level

From Pitch to Pub: How Jota Connected with Celtic Fans on a Personal Level

The name ‘Jota’ has become quite popular among European football fans in recent years. However, Liverpool forward Diogo Jota isn’t the only one making strides in Europe. Celtic also have an inspirational forward in Jota – who is just as popular within their fanbase as the Portuguese international is among Liverpool fans.

Joao Pedro Neves Felipe is his real name, but the name of ‘Jota’ is way easier for everyone to call him by. A former Portuguese youth international who has U-17 and U-19 Euros with his nation, Jota has been rocking up Celtic Park with some amazing performances in recent years.

He’s played a key role in helping them win the 2021-21 Scottish Premiership and is now leading them to another league title this season as well. An exciting attacking midfielder who can also operate in either wing, the 24-year-old is renowned for his creativity, dribbling ability and goal-scoring style.

Jota has become a huge fan favourite at Celtic Park due to his impressive work in recent seasons and has settled into life in Scotland really well. He shares a great relationship with the supporters and loves hanging out with them whenever possible.

Their relationship isn’t just limited to meetings after games or post-training sessions. Jota isn’t afraid of getting up close with the fans in public places, something which not a lot of popular footballers actually like to do these days.

Jota, however, cares for the fans enough to meet up with them in weird places from time to time. Very recently, the Portuguese forward decided to pay a surprise visit to some unexpected Celtic fans in Glasgow’s famous ‘Brazen Head’ pub. It’s the kind of pub or bar where Celtic fans often crowd to watch matches or have a pint whenever feeling high or low.

The Bhoys are currently on a roll as they march onto another league title, so Jota decided to have some pre-title-winning celebrations with them at the Brazen Head pub. He visited it to have some fun with a few supporters who were drinking.

While the 24-year-old probably refrains from drinking due to its effects on his performances, and because footballers are forbidden from doing so during seasons, he still managed to be involved in some enjoyable stuff in the pub.

He arrived in style, wearing a denim jacket and jeans combo. Fans also noticed that he was wearing a 1996 Celtic jersey created by Umbro underneath the jacket too. He willingly took a lot of pictures with the Celtic fans and joined in on their pub games as well, being pictured taking part in some fun activities.

Some fans are also having a laugh over his facial style, praising him for pulling off a ‘pornstache’ instead of going with a clean-shaven look. Going by the pictures, it appears that Jota really enjoyed his interaction with the fans and probably learnt some things about the Irish public culture too.

The 24-year-old is currently recovering from a little injury but still found time to hang around with the fans a bit. This also shows how high the trust and relationship are between Celtic players and supporters as the Bhoys march onto another league title.