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Leaked 23/24 Tottenham Away Kit Fails to Hit the Mark – ‘Like a Batman Costume’

Leaked 23/24 Tottenham Away Kit Fails to Hit the Mark – ‘Like a Batman Costume’

A leaked Tottenham Hotspur away kit was spotted in a Sport Check outlet in Toronto, Canada. The shirt, reportedly being sold for over $115, caught the attention of fans online and the reactions were not as Spurs or Nike would expect.

Tottenham Hotspur 23/24 Away Kit

Tottenham Hotspur in their 5th-year of collaboration with Nike looks to have created a 2023/24 away shirt which breaks new ground in the club’s history by incorporating iridescent logos. 

The colours of the 23/24 away jersey boast a combination of dark navy and light purple, accurately named “Marine” and “Purple” respectively. The hues complement each other beautifully, creating a sophisticated yet vibrant aesthetic.

Nike has opted for a collar reminiscent of polo shirts, bringing a touch of elegance to the kit. The open neckline, shaded in a traditional blue scheme, adds a modern twist to this feature. 

On the collar, lies a special THFC sign. This intricate detail represents the club’s initials and serves as a symbol of pride and identity for the team.

Tottenham Hotspur Fans React

Fans who have spotted the away kit have shared mixed feelings about this innovation as it represents a departure from previous iterations. 

While some figured it was a leak and not the original kit others simply showcased their displeasure with the majority of the added features.

Another fan who loved the new logo and design was able to point out the similarities between golf shirts and the away kit, raising comparisons that make a valid point.

While Nike holds a 15-year deal with Tottenham Hotspur, fans have rigorously shown their unhappiness and the lack of creativity as they fail to hit the mark with the club’s supporters.

The away kit hasn’t been officially announced yet, but the user who leaked the image revealed the away kit to be legit and on sale in Canada.

Availability & Pricing 

The Tottenham Hotspur 23-24 home kit is available for purchase on the official website of Nike. In terms of pricing, the adult version of the shirt is priced at £79.95, while kids can enjoy it for £59.95. The price of the away kit is set to be similar to the home kit. The exact release date of the away kit may vary, but it is usually launched around the beginning of the new season.