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Leaked Tottenham Third Kit Divides Opinion: ’23/24 Price For 2000’s Design’

Leaked Tottenham Third Kit Divides Opinion: ’23/24 Price For 2000’s Design’

The first leaked images by Footy Headlines showcased the authenticity of the new Tottenham third shirt for the 2023-2024 season which has sparked mixed reactions from the fans.

The third kit features a first in the club’s history, a predominantly (dark) beige color, a bold departure from the traditional Spurs’ attire.

The main color, “Taupe Haze,” is complemented by “Diffused Taupe” and “Black” accents, giving it a modern and straightforward look.

Leaked Tottenham 23/24 third kit

The design of the kit is simple, lacking intricate graphics but featuring a pattern for the material, similar to the other Nike 23-24 kits. 

Additionally, all logos on the kit are made from Nike Grind, showcasing the brand’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The club’s initials, THFC, are represented on the collar, symbolizing pride and identity for the team. Tottenham Hotspur FC

Spurs fans, as expected, had diverse reactions to the leaked third kit.

Some expressed their delight, particularly for the uniqueness of the beige color scheme and the absence of the notorious red AIA logo that adorned previous kits. 

One fan joyfully remarked, “No red AIA always brings a smile.” This change marked a significant shift away from the norm and resonated positively with some supporters.

However, not all fans were thrilled with the new design. Some voiced their disappointment, criticizing Nike’s products created for Tottenham. One disgruntled supporter exclaimed, “Rubbish. Like absolutely everything Nike produces for us (Tottenham).” 

Another fan expressed his confusion, stating, “Isn’t it far too similar in shade to our home kit, rendering it kinda pointless (not that I dislike the kit)?” The Fifth fan was either sarcastic or way too optimistic to say “going 3/3 this season we need a trophy” 

Despite the differing opinions, it is clear that the leaked kit has generated quite a buzz among the fan base. Nevertheless, the leaked images are not an accurate representation of the kit’s quality and feel. 

Fans will be eager to see the official release from the club and Nike, as it often happens that the actual product differs slightly from early leaked photos.

With the third kit set to be released in August or September 2023, fans will have the opportunity to see the kit in action during the new season. 

It can be expected to be in line with the home kit, which is currently priced at £79.95 for adults and £59.95 for kids on the official website of Nike.

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