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Was the Messi Free Kick Against FC Dallas Rigged? Controversial Apple TV Notif Raises Eyebrows

Was the Messi Free Kick Against FC Dallas Rigged? Controversial Apple TV Notif Raises Eyebrows

In a thrilling round of 16 match, Lionel Messi once again showcased his remarkable talent. Playing for Inter Miami, Messi’s mesmerizing performance led to a 5-4 victory over FC Dallas on penalty kicks.

During the game, the score changed a lot, making it a real emotional rollercoaster for both teams. In the 85th minute, he scored a stunning free kick, mirroring his debut game-winning goal.

This equalizing goal brought the score to 4-4. Inter Miami faced ups and downs, with Robert Taylor’s own goal (68th minute) and Benjamin Cremaschi’s subsequent goal (71st minute) giving FC Dallas a 4-2 lead.

However, Messi’s influence was undeniable, including an 80th-minute free-kick that deflected off Marco Farfan for an own goal, and his final free-kick that set the stage for Inter Miami’s dramatic comeback.

Something puzzling happened during match involving Lionel Messi. Apple TV sent out notifications when Messi scored an amazing free kick in 85th min.

A user on social media was intrigued when they noticed that Apple TV had sent out notifications just before Lionel Messi scored an impressive free kick goal. This caught their attention because it’s not usual to receive notifications specifically for moments like free kicks in a soccer match. This led to speculation about how Apple TV seemingly predicted the upcoming goal

Amid the debates, a devoted Messi fan took up the role of a detective to uncover the real story and debunk any false claims.

In response to the earlier screenshot blaming apple for rigged match, a Messi fan provided a detailed breakdown of the timeline. They mentioned that a post from an account named “Barca Worldwide” was timestamped at 9:38 pm. However, they pointed out that Messi’s free kick goal had actually occurred earlier, at 9:10 pm in their own time zone. The key detail was that the Apple TV notification appeared at 9:26 pm, exactly 12 minutes before the “Barca Worldwide” post. This 12-minute gap became crucial in understanding the sequence of events.

By doing the math, it became clear that the Apple TV notification was sent 16 minutes after Messi scored his remarkable free kick goal. This chronology of events indicated that Apple TV’s notification was not a prediction but occurred after the event had taken place.

These screenshots spread across Twitter and started a rumor that the match might have been fixed. This shows how easy it is for information to get distorted on social media, especially when emotions are involved .In the end, the truth came out. The dedicated Messi fan clarified that Apple TV’s “prediction” was actually a well-informed calculation based on real-time game data. This incident reminds us to approach online content with caution and to think critically before accepting everything we see.

It’s also a reminder of the importance of checking facts and being responsible when sharing things online. The temptation of exciting stories can lead to unintended outcomes, as seen in this situation where a fantastic sports moment got mixed up in a confusing web of misinformation.