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How British Airways Pilots are Enhancing VAR in Premier League

How British Airways Pilots are Enhancing VAR in Premier League

VAR is a controversial subject for players and managers. Ever since VAR was introduced in the Premier League, back in 2019, the tide has turned against the technology.

Before, when referees made mistakes, everyone was asking for technology to interfere and reduce the number of mistakes.

But now in 2023, general public have slowly found VAR as a nuisance or disturbance that hinders the smooth flow of the game.

There is a rising hate for VAR within managers and public. So, in order to make better decisions, the PGMOL under Howard Webb, have assigned the help from British Airways pilots.

The communication between pilots and control towers are quick, short and formal.

British Airways pilots, Chris Heaven and Pete Nataraj gave the referees, a seminar presentation on swift communication using short formal words.

One of the criticisms of officiating were the language used by on field referee and the VAR, which was an addressal of informal nature.

The first match in schedule from 25 November is between Liverpool and Manchester City and the League does not want any mistakes in that game as that game very well could decide the future of the league.

This season itself, VAR made several controversial calls that made fans and management unhappy. Most important one being disallowing a goal from Luis Diaz for Liverpool against Tottenham as offside.

This mistake came as result of a miscommunication between referees. Similarly, Newcastle won a match with a controversial goal against Arsenal.

The number of managers that spoke against the officiating are increasing with Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool and Mikel Arteta of Arsenal being the most vocal.

Any technology is without errors but VAR mistakes this season have come mostly from human error. While interpretation of a foul and the punishment of the foul is subjective at best.

It’s still early years for VAR and only by using it consistently can it improve.