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Inside the lavish corporate area at St James’ Park

Inside the lavish corporate area at St James’ Park

The influx of monetary wealth has had an influential role in football. Surely, it helps to build a competitive team. But it also helps support clubs to set up various up-to-date modern infrastructures and facilities. Football clubs want to provide the best match viewing experience for their fans.

As a result, they stress on building scintillating and jaw-dropping stadium architectures. Many major clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Liverpool have recently undergone major renovations in their stadiums. However, for a prime example of luxurious facilities, one can surely refer to the home stadium of Newcastle F.C-St. James’ Park.

St James’ Park was originally built in 1880, making it one of the oldest football stadiums in the world. The initial construction of the stadium took one year to complete. In 1892, with a seating capacity of 30,000, it became the home stadium of Newcastle F.C. Since then, it has undergone several renovations and expansions over the years making it one of the most sought-after football stadiums in the world.

Notably, the stadium underwent a major expansion in 1998 for nearly 2 years. With a budget of £43 million, the expansion increased the seating capacity to 52,305 and gave the stadium its current silhouette. Currently, it stands as the 7th largest football stadium in England.

The stadium is marked with elegant architecture and amenities. With a 115 x 74-yard size, St James’ Park has been tagged as one of the most lavish football stadiums. It includes three main stands, namely, the Milburn, East, and Gallowgate stand. Another stand, the Leaze’s Stand located at the Northern goal end, has seats allocated for the away fans.

St James’ Park provides various amenities to their match viewers. Generally, the tickets are priced at  £27 to £67 for an adult, depending on the view. However, one can avail of their VIP Hospitality packages for an added luxury experience. Hospitality packages at St James’ Park in Newcastle include a regular seat at a game, plus extra benefits like food, drinks, and lounge access.

Some hospitality packages at St James’ Park include-

Barracks Package– This package includes Level 4 premium Milburn Stand seats, a deli sandwich, a side dish, live entertainment, a matchday program, and a limited edition badge. Price at £187.20 per person.

Executive Boxes– With a premium outdoor seating on a private balcony and a dedicated box host, it also includes three-course pre-match meal, Half-Time snacks, Post-match cheeseboard and Limited edition badges as well.

The wings– They include premium Padded seats in the stand, a modern-style bistro menu with 3 choices over 3 courses, a Post-match hot snack, Beer, wine, or soft drink on arrival, half-time refreshments, and limited edition match-specific badges. Price at £420.00 per person.

The Rooftops– This is the ultimate lavish package that includes premium seating, a central bar with champagne and cocktails, seasonal food, a post-match DJ, and insights from a Newcastle United legend.

Just to provide insights into the hospitality packages, a YouTuber by the name The Padded Seat, vlogged his entire experience in the Rooftop hospitality area in St James’ Park for his viewers.

In the recorded video, he entered the rooftop lounge in a dedicated lift after a quick security ticket scan at the gate. With the DJ playing in the back, he was handed over a champagne and provided a guided tour of the newly renovated lounge before being guided to his private table. He was all praise for the food amenities of the lounge and the all-inclusive drink options.

With a delicious platter of Middle Eastern lamb, Kale and lentil curry, chicken, and parsnip, he tagged the open kitchen of the lounge as “Best food ever tried”. As an insight from a Newcastle United legend, Andy Griffin graced the lounge with his presence for a Q&A session. To end it, he was served a cheeseboard and a mystery gift containing chocolates.

All these facilities were provided alongside the private balcony with a premium padded seat in the Gallowgate stand. However, the entire experience cost him a whopping 650 euros plus VAT. Even though the viewers loved the experience, the pricing was labelled as too steep for the commoner.

“Was great till u said price..not for the paupers”. Commented a viewer.

“650 quid with that view??”. Taunted another.

However expensive it may be. One surely can’t neglect the luxury or the electrifying atmosphere that envelopes the stands during matches. The former Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster revealed St James’s Park as “The best stadium to play in as a footballer”.

In his podcast, @thecyclinggk, he revealed
“St. James’s Park, when that place is rocking, oh, my gosh, what an atmosphere. It is rocking. The noise is incredible. It’s such a big, massive, vast stadium thing.”

With the change of ownership, It is reported that St. James Park may soon undergo another renovation expanding the Gallowgate and East Stand. The plan includes expanding the capacity up to 65,000. It would also feature the inclusion of more corporate boxes and a fan zone to increase revenue.

With St James’ Park playing host matches to the 2028 European Championships, the club would be hoping to complete the renovation as soon as possible. Fans are in anticipation of the unveiling of enhanced and modern facilities. St. James Park has always been a symbol of sophistication and luxury and this time surely won’t be an exception. The stadium perfectly encapsulates the line “where innovation meets luxury”.