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Arsenal Deploy New 8K Screen at Emirates But Fans Have One Gripe

Arsenal Deploy New 8K Screen at Emirates But Fans Have One Gripe

The 2022/23 Premier League season is upon us. The transfer business is thriving and clubs are still splurging out enormous sums of money to get their desired targets. Apart from the influx of new players, the big club owners are also taking the time to keep up with the changing environment and demands of the footballing ecosystem. 

One way to keep pace is to revamp or renovate the stadiums as per the nuances of the latest technology and architecture. And it looks like that Arsenal, Manchester United, and Newcastle United had been waiting for the chance to bring little tweaks to their home.

New Screen at Emirates

The biggest change was seen at the Emirates stadium. The old stadium screen was recently replaced with a bigger one that video in 8k and gives an ultra edge quality that can only help the fans get a better glimpse of replays, VAR checks, and possible lineups before the match.

Even though this change was appreciated, a few fans reminded the club that a paint job on the exterior would bring life back to the deteriorating entrance of the stadium. Arsenal needs to be more rampant with their renovation in a way that compliments their transfer business. 

Dugouts Switched at Old Trafford

If Arsenal brought a big upgrade to the table, Manchester United’s dug-out switch would make it the most unexpected change one can get on board with. It seems like the new gaffer Erik Ten Hag’s suggestions are also making their way to the changes in the stadium. 

The home and away dugouts have now been permanently switched at Old Trafford so that the manager and the home team are seated to the west of the halfway line. When questioned about the reason for this change, the club stated that the home team will now be closer to the Stretford End, the traditional heart of the home support, closer to the tunnel, and within spitting distance from where the substitutes warm up.

This move will also keep the away fans further from the home team and might just give them a slight edge over their opponents. 

Makeover at SJP

But we saw the most traditional change at St James Park, the home of Newcastle United. After the Saudi-led takeover of the club in October 2021, it was expected that the club will oversee some significant changes and co-owner Amanda Staveley has ensured that the stadium’s new look is synonymous with the promising times that are about to embrace the club.

With so many refurbishments, the clubs can now only expect the fans to enjoy the new facilities and come in tremendous support on match days. The Premier League kicks off on August 6 once again.