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The Europa League Rule Many Didn’t Know As Liverpool Skip Round Of 32

The Europa League Rule Many Didn’t Know As Liverpool Skip Round Of 32

The Reds are continuing to show why Jurgen Klopp’s side is one of the best teams in the world and they are proving it every week in several tournaments. 

Last night Liverpool faced off against LASK (Linzer Athletik-Sport-Klub) in the Europa League, where they destroyed the Austrian side to a 4-0 victory.

The blow began early on when Liverpool went ahead with a fantastic header from Luis Diaz in the 12th minute. The assault continued with a brace from Gakpo and a penalty from Salah.

This victory over LASK, puts the English team directly into the round of 16 after Liverpool triumphed group E, with a total of 12 points and a game in hand.

The Europa League qualification process may seem strange and complicated, and people are asking for explanation.

The teams that top the group stage go directly onto the next round while the second placed teams of these groups have to go through a series of two legged matches with the third placed teams ousted out of the Champions League.

This comes as a blessing for Anfield’s finest as automatic qualification to round 16 gives them an opportunity to take some time off and rest their players. Klopp have been very vocal about the tight schedule of the players and the risk of injuries his squad had to face.

Most of these players are playing in the Premier League and the international qualifiers. It makes their need for rest essential. With AFCON and AFC Asian Cup approaching in January, more players will be unavailable, and managers will have to get creative.

Even though Liverpool is loaded and ready to face any team in any competition, a direct entry to round 16 allows Klopp’s side to focus their efforts on the Premier League without having any distractions seeing as to how they are very much one of the title contenders this season.

The Reds will face Fulham next on December 3rd at home as they hope to overtake Manchester City and reach top of the table with City, Arsenal and Liverpool have been juggling each other’s position in the points table.