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What Fans Thought of Jurgen Klopp’s Bench Talk with Youngster Owen Beck

What Fans Thought of Jurgen Klopp’s Bench Talk with Youngster Owen Beck

Jurgen Klopp is a happy man right now with his team slowly building up a campaign towards silverware. They are currently competing in four different competition with a great chance of winning them all.

Mid-week, Liverpool had to face Fulham in game one of a two-legged tie to confirm their first final of the season.

They made a comeback after trailing for about 50 minutes. Now, they sit in a commanding position to defend their 2-1 lead at home, in the next leg of Carabao Cup.

The manager seemed pleased after the match that despite injuries and international duties making the squad paper-thin, the replacements showed character to come back from behind.

But this wasn’t the case when they went behind in the 19th minute to a Willian goal. He was visibly frustrated on the sidelines, even after they had come back with a couple of goals within three minutes.

At about 74 minutes into the game, Tv cameras focused on the Liverpool bench and there was Klopp, moving assistant coach Pepijn Lijnders aside to sit next to an unsuspecting youngster.

Klopp then started animatedly talking to the 21-year-old Owen Beck and the young adult was listening as if his life depended on it. The scenes captured turned out to be reminiscent of the ‘Guy Explaining’ meme.

For the uninitiated, it is a meme where a guy is shouting something into a women’s ear at a club and she seems uninterested and utterly bored with it.

It’s also known as ‘Milk Edinburgh’ meme because the original photo of the meme was taken at the club called ‘Milk’ in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Beck was recently recalled from his loan spell at Dundee United in the Scottish league. This was also a result of the unfortunate injuries to two of the regular left-backs in Andrew Robertson and Kostas Tsimikas.

He could not make an appearance in the FA cup clash vs Arsenal due to his carried over suspension from his Scottish spell.

Beck only has two appearances for the club as of now and sadly didn’t get to participate in this game either. But he sure had to lend an ear to listen to his boss and nod along.

Only Beck and Klopp know what the ingredients of the conversation were but it looked pretty intense. Klopp was expressing himself with heavy gestures while leaning towards the left back. It looked hysterical to the audience and reminded of the peak Pep Guardiola sideline moments.

These were the scenes after they were in a winning position. The boy might have gotten his ears chewed off if they hadn’t made the comeback.

People took to twitter after watching this live and started coming up with hilarious afterthoughts like ‘This is what happens when you go watch a match with your dad’ or ‘The boy probably just wanted to watch the match but instead has to listen to the monologue’.

Some were wondering if it was Klopp venting or sharing some knowledge about the game with the player.

If the later, it is nice to see that the manager cares enough about every player in his team and takes the personal time in the middle of a game to impart some words of wisdom.