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Viral TikTok Comment Exposes Popular Brighton Scouts Meme

Viral TikTok Comment Exposes Popular Brighton Scouts Meme

Memes are an integral part of football’s culture, and the Internet never ceases to amaze us with its creativity while creating new meme templates.

If you have made a great, profitable choice recently, you might be hit with a ‘You are a Brighton scout’ on the social media right now.

If you are confused as to what we are referring to, a new ‘Brighton scout’ meme format is making rounds on TikTok.

It probably might be going under the radar among the top of the table drama but if you look a bit below, Brighton are sitting cozy on the 7th place.

This isn’t a coincidence or a one time fluke. It’s the 3rd season running that they are a top 10 team. Last year, they ended the season at 6th place.

They are not the biggest spenders either and still they are managing to stay ahead of teams like Chelsea who have spent above a billion pounds.

Their players are making news every other day and if you check their financials, they have made over £360 million from player sales alone, in just the last two seasons.

Well, all the credit goes to the scouting team at Brighton. If you start counting players that were barely known to anyone and now are superstars and big money arrivals at big club, the list would go on forever.

One of the biggest achievements for Brighton has to be when the club’s scouts found an Ecuadorian talent in January 2021. They signed him from the club Independiente del Valle for £4 million and then sold him for a gargantuan profit of £111 million. It was Moises Caicedo.

Alexis Mac Allister is another of the names that are part of this success story. The World Cup winner was brought to the club from the Argentine Primera División for £8 million in 2019.

Other impressive scouted talents you might have heard about are Kaoru Mitoma, Marc Cucurella, Yves Bissouma, Ben White, Leandro Trossard and Evan Ferguson.

The bewildering fact regarding all these names are that they have all been low cost acquisitions, some even being free transfers. More so, they are players from far off leagues where not many have the patience to wander.

Brighton scout them early, get them for cheap and then they convert them into 10 times better prospects through their intricately designed loan system.

This is where the Internet, especially TikTok, out of respect for the scouting talent of Brighton, made it a metric of a good deal and turning lead into gold.

On a ‘before and after’ post of a couple, a user with a TikTok handle by the name of Liverpool striker Darwin Núñez has commented “bro is NOT the scout of Brighton”.

The person seems to be poking fun at the ‘after’ picture implying that while the boy chose wisely at first, the girl’s appearance might be on the decline after six years of relationship and hence pulling the opposite of what Brighton scouts do.

Origin of the meme can be traced back to a few weeks ago when the Internet noticed how good Brighton and Hove Albion F.C. have been regarding the talents they are scouting.

Basically the format goes this way: If you make a good choice and that choice turns out great long term, then you are a Brighton scout and if not then you are not a Brighton scout.

Sometimes if the choice is really doesn’t pan out people have been seen to use Manchester United level scouting as an alternative to ‘Not Brighton scout’. This is in regards to Manchester’s scouted young talent not working out for them recently instead of hyping it up hard.

The scouting metric might have been tainted a bit though as Chelsea have poached the sporting director Paul Winstanley, scout Kyle Macaulay and head of goalkeeping Ben Roberts from Brighton.

This hasn’t stopped Brighton scouts though. In latest development they have scouted and grabbed Valentine Barco, a 19-year-old, from Boca juniors for just $10 million.