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Rumoured Girlfriends of Trent Alexander-Arnold: From Iris Law to Past Flames

Rumoured Girlfriends of Trent Alexander-Arnold: From Iris Law to Past Flames

Trent Alexander-Arnold has already established himself as one of the best full-backs in Premier League history. The Liverpool star already has 58 assists and 15 goals in 223 league appearances, one of the most recorded by any full-back in the competition.

Despite questions over his defensive qualities, Trent can be a menace with his ability to cross the ball, and take set-pieces or deliver clever long balls. He almost mirrors the qualities that David Beckham became famous for and the 25-year-old has already won every major trophy with Liverpool – including the Premier League and UEFA Champions League. Trent’s popularity has only kept soaring as the years have passed, making him a more attractive option for women too.

Alexander-Arnold has millions of fan-girls all around the world, but is still surprisingly unmarried at his age. He is still trying to find the perfect ‘partner’ for himself, and has definitely gone out there in terms of trying to find his ideal match. Recently, the 25-year-old surprised many fans after being seen having a stroll with Iris Law – the daughter of popular British actor Jude Law.

Iris is the daughter of Jude Law and Sadie Frost – an actress and designer. Trent was seen having a walk with her in London’s Notting Hill, with the two sipping some drinks and not trying to be secretive about their association at all. Before that, Irish – who has over 750,000 followers on her Instagram – posted a series of pictures which included one where she’s clinging onto the back of a man on a bicycle. Many fans were quick to speculate that was Trent and the Liverpool star himself liked the post too.

Iris Law is a popular British model. She has worked as a model for brands like Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Burberry and Stella McCartney and more. Iris even became a brand ambassador for Dior in 2021. A reason why she can be seen brandishing a short-hair look in the pictures with Alexander-Arnold is because of her decision to shave off her head in 2021 – for the role of Soo Catwoman in 2021 British Miniseries ‘Pistol’ – based on the popular UK band Sex Pistols.

An ‘insider’ spoke about Trent and Iris being together, telling The Sun: “They looked very relaxed and happy and were just strolling around like two ordinary young people having a nice time. You’d never have thought that they are very rich and famous, and most people didn’t even spot them. They popped into a café to get their drinks and as it was a nice day, were just having an enjoyable walk.” With that being said, neither the England international nor the popular Brit model have many any comments on rumours of their blossoming relationship yet.

This is not the first relationship that Alexander-Arnold has been a part of in his career. In 2020, he was first seen hanging out with Hannah Atkins, who is a British influencer and model. The two never really spoke much about each other in public platforms, but were seen enjoying some quality time with one another on multiple occasions.

They were first seen snapped together in 2020 and also took some time to have a nice vacation after the Covid-19 restrictions were lifted. In June, 2022 – Trent was seen holidaying in Ibiza with Hannah – with the two walking around in the beach and looking very comfortable around each other.

However, the two have clearly broken up recently because of why Trent has started to hang around Iris Law instead. Interestingly, the Liverpool defender was actually even met with some crazy speculations over possibly dating British Popstar and Actress Dua Lipa in 2020. It all stemmed after Trent was once seen singing her popular song ‘One Kiss’ and fans started speculating that the duo might be a couple.

But Trent himself was forced to squash this baseless speculation in an episode of ‘Wingman’ by the ‘Kopite Hub’ channel. Alexander-Arnold voiced his surprise at the ‘weird’ rumours, admitting: “That was a weird one! Some said that I was dating Dua Lipa. I remember I came home from training and my mum’s asking me about it, and I say ‘Mum I’m literally staying at home every day and I think you’d know if I was dating someone else and you’d definitely know if it was there’.” Robertson, being the hilarious character he is, started singing the chorus of ‘One Kiss’ to rib up his teammate.

Another strange rumour that concerned the Liverpool defender’s lovelife was that he might having a fling with popular social media influencer Aisha Mian in 2023. Mian is a social media influencer who is a part of the YouTube channel (The Mian Twins) that has over 350,000 followers – and the two twins basically promote beauty products or their luxurious lifestyle.

The dating rumours started after Trent started following Aisha on her Instagram (she has over 1 million followers) and the YouTuber reportedly visited his home in Los Angeles. However, this was pure speculation from some overly crazed fans – because neither of them have ever been seen getting close to each other in public. In fact, some people on Reddit also rubbished these claims and also the rumours that Aisha might be dating Jude Bellingham.

For the time being, however, Trent seems to be sharing a warm relationship with Iris Law. Even though she’s not anywhere close to his field of work, the two look to be comfortable and happy alongside each other – as it remains to be seen if this fling can blossom into something long-term going forward.