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Fans Stunned By the Weekly Salary Nico Williams Earns at Bilbao

Fans Stunned By the Weekly Salary Nico Williams Earns at Bilbao

Athletic Bilbao has been one of the most renowned factories for producing world class talents in the game. Their latest sensation, Nico Williams is setting the bar even higher.

Nico, the younger brother of LaLiga heritage and Bilbao legend Inaki Williams, has been a revelation for Athletic Club this season with his menacing pace and power. A left-winger with world class ability to beat his man and turn heads as he moves.

Nico’s burst onto the scene means the sheer praise for Athletic’s scouting department only grows louder. Especially considering their unique transfer policy, the young Williams is the gem in a mine.

The club from Basque Country has a very loyal and proud transfer policy. The club only signs those players, or recruits them into their academy system, who are born in the region. This is a strict non-negotiable stance for Athletic Bilbao, one that brought them some superior talents over the years as well as modest success.

Afterall, they have never seen the pit of the Second Division of Spanish football whilst never having to enter the transfer market for their signings, a feat only matched by Real Madrid and Barcelona.

This inward looking strategy means a lot of their finances which would have been directed towards transfer fees had they been a participant in the madness of the transfer market, has been directed to the improvement of the club’s facilities and the wages of their players.

Nico Williams’ rise in stature and quality reflects this strategy and his wages vice versa. Athletic Bilbao for all their saved money, are still a well run football club with respect to their finances.

However, with Nico a crucial part of their long-term plan and short term success, they have spared literally no expense in trying to retain the services of the player.

Williams junior earns more than a whopping 10 million euros per year at Bilbao, which makes it north of around 200,000 euros per week in wages. His salary is only second to his elder brother Inaki entire squad, who himself earns only a fraction more with upwards of 11 million euros per year, amounting to close to 220,000 euros per week.

It is also interesting to note the massive share he holds in the payroll at Atheltic Club. With the Basque club’s wage bill at close to 60 million euros per year, Nico’s 10 million annual salary accounts for nearly 16% of it alone. Factor in Inaki’s wages too, and two players make up nearly 35% of the entire wage structure.

The brothers are high and dry on the wage roll of Athletic club. Unai Simon, the first-choice keeper for Spain, is the third highest earner at Bilbao earning a meagre 82,000 euros per week. The difference is mere staggering to say the least.

As appreciated of a talent Nico is, fans online clearly didn’t see this coming, especially considering the profit-making model and transfer strategy that Bilbao is known for.

Nonetheless, it must be said that Nico’s wages are astronomical for a 21 year-old talent still rising up the ranks. To put it into context, he earns the most for an U-23 player in LaLiga. With only a margin of difference between him and his brother who is an omnipresent legend of the club, speaks volumes about how highly Williams is rated within the club.

And why wouldn’t they? Nico has recorded 7 goals and assisted another 16 this season with one of the top five players for dribbles this season. An obvious difference maker, he has transformed this Athletic team into serious contenders for Europe again and Copa Del Rey champions as well under the former Barcelona manager Ernesto Valverde.

Nico’s meteoric trajectory has put Europe on notice. His performance against Brazil at the Santiago Bernabeu in March caught the attention of all the top clubs around. With a massive summer ahead for Williams, Athletic Bilbao seems to be doing everything in their power, at least financially to hold on to their star talent for a bit longer.

It also seems like, having only recently signed a new lucrative and bumper contract with Bilbao in December, Nico is reportedly demanding a pay raise of close to 300,000 euros per week by the clubs who wish to sign him. With Barcelona hot on his tails, it will be mightily difficult for the financial ridden club to acquire his services.

While Nico’s world-class talent and ability continues to excite LaLiga and the fans at San Mames, his future looks increasingly away from Athletic Bilbao. Come this summer transfer window, his signature might ignite a huge power tussle and it would be interesting to see which jersey Nico will don next season.

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