Pep Guardiola

In an amusing video that surfaced online, Machester City boss Pep Guardiola let loose and celebrated emphatically at an event after leading his team to a historic domestic treble.

Intense on the field

Pep Guardiola is one of the world’s best coaches. He possesses a razor sharp intellect and outstanding tactical skills. On the pitch, Pep often cuts a grave figure.

The 2018/2019 English Premier League season was a tense one. Klopp’s resurgent Red’s fought Guardiola’s boys tooth and nail.

Pep’s boys persevered throughout the season, and kept winning match after match. In a thrilling final day result, Manchester City won the EPL cup for the second consecutive year.

They also won the FA Cup and the Carabao cup. This made Manchester City and Pep the first English men’s team to win a domestic treble .

Pep Guardiola is a man of action . He goes through a wide range of emotions on the pitch.

Extremely pro-active and involved, Guardiola can be seen screaming in frustration at mistakes or celebrating with joy on winning.

The usually calm and collected manager is always scanning the field. He looks for ways to exploit the opposition and assess every situation thoroughly.

Really cool off it

In the heartwarming video, a casually dressed and all smiles Pep is seen dancing and singing to the 90’s hit, ‘ Gangster’s paradise’.

In the middle of a choir, a joyous Pep shakes a leg and mouths the lyrics, much to the audience’s delight.

Unlike the tense and serious Pep of the field, Guardiola enjoys himself thoroughly in the clip. Spending week after week in anxiety and inhuman pressure, this side of Pep is refreshing and welcome to say the least!

The partying with the Blue side of Manchester is going to carry on for a long time, and Pep is sure to be at the thick of it!

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