Video: Pep Guardiola unperturbed despite bad blood with Champions League final referee

Pep Guardiola is at ease despite his turbulent history with Antonio Mateu Lahoz, the referee in charge of the UEFA Champions League final clash between Manchester City and Chelsea in Porto.

Lahoz is the same referee who sent Pep Guardiola to the stands during Man City’s quarter-final loss to Liverpool back in 2018.

The Spanish referee has achieved a bit of notoriety among football fans in Spain as he is considered a controversial one, who is popular for his bias towards Real Madrid and against Barcelona.

The City boss and Lahoz also seem to be on the different end of the spectrum when it comes to their political ideologies.

Though, despite his differences with the official in charge of the final on Sunday, Pep remains calm as ever with his situation going into the final as he reiterated his confidence in his highly talented squad.

Check out Pep’s response when asked about Lahoz below –