The preparations are in full swing as the Liverpool squad buckles up for their major night. Yes, it’s the Champions League final against their Premier League rivals, Tottenham Hotspur.

As their 6-day training camp is underway, the fans keep visiting their hotel in Marbella, Spain. It is in this Spanish town that the Reds are preparing for the ultimate showdown.

Warming Up To The Fans

The fans are hoping to catch some action before the team heads off to Madrid. Liverpool stars are surely taking their precious time out to interact with their supporters.

Roberto Firmino & Sadio Mané each spent approximately 2 to 3 minutes interacting with the fans. But Mo Salah took it a notch higher.

The Liverpool man socialized with the crowd for more than 25 minutes. With the absence of other major stars in the finals of UCL, Salah is the biggest name to look forward in the final.

Football fanatics are used to seeing mega-stars like Messi, Ronaldo, Buffon & Griezmann in the UCL Finals.

But this year’s dramatic Champions League season witnessed the rise of teams like Ajax who thrashed out two of the biggest contenders: the defending champions, Real Madrid & the Italian champions, Juventus.

As if that weren’t enough, we watched in awe the departure of Manchester City & Barcelona.

With that the champion of every European country: Germany, Spain, France, Italy, England & others departed one by one. What they left behind were the EPL rivals Liverpool & Spurs.

Reds Vs Blaugrana

Salah almost stumbled out of this season when he got injured in the semi-finals against Barcelona. In the 2nd leg, he encouraged his team from the stands, sporting a t-shirt with the slogan “NEVER GIVE UP”.

It was an emotional moment for Salah as his team played in his absence against the Spanish champs. His support aided them to recover from a 3 – 0 loss in the 1st leg. The Reds ended up scoring a 4 – 0 in the return leg, robbing Barcelona off their Champions League dream.

Last Summer’s Dream

The Egyptian was deprived of his victory in the Champions League final against Real Madrid last year.

Liverpool lost their talisman after an encounter with Sergio Ramos. Salah was taken off the field in tears & just like that the night went against Liverpool. The score read 3 – 1 in favor of Los Blancos as they collected their 13th UCL trophy on that eventful night.

A single injury took away all of Salah’s dreams last season. He would surely hopes nothing of the sort happens again.

Hence his extra attention towards his supporters to comfort them that this time nobody can knock him down. This time he’s not going out without a fight!

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