Stunning free kick meets sublime save in a Germany 3rd division fixture

Spectacular free-kicks have always managed to get fans out of their seats ever since the system was incorporated into the game back in the day.

The ability to bend the ball over the wall and back towards the net is one of the most coveted skills in the world of football and the build-up leading to the kick is one of the most thrilling scenes in the sport .

Countless wizards come into mind when talking about the art of free-kick taking who have thrilled audiences with their other worldly skill at the highest level of the game.

While the recent match-up between 1860 Munchen and Unterhaching in the third division of the Bundesliga is not what one would call the biggest of stages, it certainly became the stage for an absolute top drawer set piece.


While Daniel Wein whipped up a near perfect free kick towards the top corner his effort was matched by Nico Mantl in goal to deny what would have been a goal for the archives.

The match itself was not short on entertainment with the game going back and forth till Sascha Molders won it for 1860 Munich in stoppage time.

Quality all around! Check out a clip of the amazing free-kick and equally spectacular save here:


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