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Watch: Emil Holm punts free-kick out of stadium in Danish Superliga

Watch: Emil Holm punts free-kick out of stadium in Danish Superliga

There is hardly a more satisfying sight in football than to see a perfectly hit free-kick crash into the back of the net.

But just as there are contrasts to everything, a badly executed free-kick is one of the worst possible sights in the game.

Being awarded a shot at goal from a decent position only to fire it into the top tier of the stands is undoubtedly one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to a footballer.

But the humiliation increased by a hundredfold when Emil Holm did not only do that – but he also went a notch higher by punting his free-kick out of the stadium.

Sønderjyske were meeting Vejle BK in the Danish Superliga when their right-back Emil Holm showcased one of the worst ever free-kicks of all time.

Being awarded a free-kick from about 40 yards out, the Swedish footballer showed tons of confidence to go for goal but fell horribly short in the ability test as he fired his attempt miles above the crossbar – only for the ball to go over the roof of the stadium.

It was an attempt at goal that a rugby player would be proud of, as the ball rose and rose out of sight to Holm’s embarrassment.

The attempt went viral amongst the online football community in no time following the match, as fans were amused by the sheer amount of distance that Holm missed the target by.

Fortunately for Holm, Sønderjyske went on to win the game 1-0, thus slightly saving the full-back blushes in the aftermath of his horrible attempt.