UK Marketing agency posts photo of Arsenal interim boss Freddie Ljungberg trying out a new suit on Twitter

Even before a ball is kicked, top flight football managers sure have a lot on their plate.

From carrying out highly tactical drills before each match to keeping a calm face for the cameras while being under immense pressure, it’s safe to say that professional management is not everyone’s cup of tea.

While most managers are subject to scrutiny when results continue to go the other way, Arsenal’s interim manager Freddie Ljungberg was subject to a rather odd piece of criticism from a former rival even before a ball was kicked under his watch.

Former Manchester United star Paul Scholes has been highly critical of the Red Devils as a pundit in the past but many Gooners were left amused when he decided to take a pop (source) at Ljungberg not for his side’s performance at Carrow Road, but for failing to wear a suit for his first game in charge.

While the former ‘Invincible’ laughed off the criticism after the match, it seems that the Swede is making sure that his former rival will not have another opportunity to have a pop at him for his clothes.

Gooners are now having a laugh at Scholes’ expense with many coming up with delightful responses to his comments after marketing agency B-Engaged posted a photo of Ljungberg trying out a new suit on Twitter.

Check out the photo below:


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