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Gorgeous concept kits arrive online after rumors link Louis Vuitton owner with an AC Milan takeover

While the current crop AC Milan players are some way off from the club’s 2007 Champions League winning side, it’s safe to say that the club is still held in high regard around the world for its historic impact on club football.

Despite their recent struggles, the Rossoneri are still the second most successful club in Europe after Real Madrid which has ensured that the club have had no shortage of suitors after Silvio Berlusconi’s 31-year long reign at the helm.

The club managed to finish at a respectable 5th position last season under the ownership of American hedge fund Elliott Management but that hasn’t stopped the rumour mill from spewing out new reports of a potential take over by Louis Vuitton.

The new reports suggest that Arnault Bernard is bent on restoring the club to its former glory and fan pages have already come up with concept kits with the famous ‘ LV ‘ branding.

With no official word coming out of both parties it’s tough to say at this stage whether the takeover will even take place but Milan fans should definitely be drooling over these concept kits while they wait for news.

Will AC Milan get top-end fashion kits ?! Check out the gorgeous concept kits here:


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