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‘What if Nike made a Real Madrid kit’ – Designer unveils drop dead gorgeous concept for Los Blancos

‘What if Nike made a Real Madrid kit’ – Designer unveils drop dead gorgeous concept for Los Blancos

Iconic sports gear manufacturer Adidas are as synonymous with Real Madrid as they are with some of their iconic sponsored athletes such as the NFL’s Aaron Rodgers, the NBA’s James Harden, and none other than Los Blancos’ arch rival Barcelona’s very own Leo Messi.

As hard as it is to imagine the Royal Whites in any attire other than Adidas, a recently unveiled concept kit on the internet as made fans wonder: what if Real Madrid had their kits made and designed by Nike instead?

Designed by settpace, the concept kit in discussion is an incredibly gorgeous kit adorned by splashes of paint on the very recognizable white home colours of Real Madrid.

The club crest clad in pink is centrally located above shirt sponsors Emirates’ logo, along with Nike’s Swoosh beside it: also set in pink.

The colours on the kit include blue and variants of green, while the collar and the torso consist of some more pink.

The mildly textured kit might as well serve as a stunning alternate kit for the club from the Spanish capital: and if turned into a reality, might provide competition for some of their very best Adidas-manufactured kits over the years.

The designer was quite successful in answering his own question very adeptly, and in the process, making us wonder even more about what if the most iconic athletes or clubs in history were associated with other manufacturers.

It’s very hard to imagine Messi wearing Nike sportswear, Cristiano Ronaldo wearing Adidas or NFL’s LeBron James wearing Adidas: but the recently surfaced stunning Nike concept kit for the record European champions definitely provides motivation enough, that it just might not look very out of place in the end.

Check out the concept kit below –