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Photo – Designer drops stunning third kit concept for Manchester United

Photo – Designer drops stunning third kit concept for Manchester United

Concept kits are all amongst the rage on social media platforms at the moment, with the most creative of supporters of different clubs coming up with stunning designs that they have rendered for their favourite teams’ kits.

Similarly, there is a stunning conceptual third kit in white and black created by a fan that has been doing the rounds on social media among Manchester United fans of late – and it might arguably be better than all three of the Premier League club’s officially released kits for the 2020/2021 season.

The kit in discussion appears to be a conceptual version of United’s third kit for this season as manufactured by sportswear heavyweights Adidas, a number that comes in zebra-like stripes of white and black.

The designer (@ramitalt) has done some brilliant work to incorporate elements of the current third kit in the discussed concept kit – while the stripes of white and black are still a common element, the stripes of black are horizontal on the white background.

Red is also a very important element in the concept kit in the discussion, as it appears on all three logos present on the front of the shirt.

The manufacturer’s logo, the club crest and the primary shirt sponsor – the Chevrolet logo – are all set in red, as a contrast to the minimalistic white and black stripes.

The shirt has a round-necked collar set in black, accompanied by black panels at the sides of the torso of the shirt.

The attractive presentation of such an incredible kit also fetches it extra marks. The graphically designed model displaying the kit is shown to be standing in a room with the walls painted in white along with the horizontal stripes from the shirt – and the floor set in red.

The model is dressed up in full Adidas gear along with the kit, wearing a pair of black track pants along with a pair of white Adidas cleats – with the three stripes in red.

The gorgeous kit has got stunning reception from United fans on Twitter and is certain to have helped garner massive revenue if it was indeed the official third kit this season.