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AC Milan new boy Jens Petter Hauge already looks like a star in the making

AC Milan new boy Jens Petter Hauge already looks like a star in the making

‘‘A classic Hauge goal’’ – this phrase has now become a common occurrence among football fans as rising AC Milan star Jens Petter Hauge continues to impress spectators around the world with his performances.

The 21-year-old Norwegian international has crafted quite a niche reputation for himself with his ability to cut through defenses and create memorable finishes.

Born in Bodø Municipality, Norway; Hauge belongs to what is referred as the ‘Golden Generation’ of Norwegian football along with the likes of Odegaard, Haaland, King and Berge.

In yet another impressive display last night against Sparta Prague, the Milan midfielder scored the only goal of the match as he cut inside from the right in his trademark fashion and slotted past the keeper with finesse.

Having been bought for a sum of 5 million Euro from Bodo/Glimt, his addition has worked well for the club with them sitting comfortably at the top of the league table.

Perhaps the signing of the season so far in Serie A, Hauge was also a subject of interest for Manchester United as the English giants had reportedly sent scouts to a Bodø/Glimt game, highlighting their interest in signing the now AC Milan winger.

But the Norwegian remains firmly engaged in AC Milan’s cause as he was seen learning Italian on his flight back to Italy from Prague –

The future sure looks bright for him but also comes with a string of responsibilities with regards to performing both at the club and international level.

Having netted three goals in his four outings for the club in Europa League, there seems to be no stopping the Norwegian who is creating a fanbase of his own among the football fraternity.