Paddy Power video taking the piss out of Rangers has gone viral among Celtic fans

It’s been over a month since SPFL passed a resolution to conclude the Scottish Championship, League One, and League Two seasons, where Celtic, Dundee United, Raith Rovers, and Cove Rangers would be deemed champions of their respective divisions.

The SPFL states that the proposed decision to make the current standings final was made via the means of a fairly held voting process among the clubs of all divisions.

However, Rangers, Celtic’s long-standing rivals, feel that there are chunks of conspiracy and corruption involved in the mix.

The Gers have released statements asking to open an investigation against the SPFL, putting the authenticity and integrity of the voting process into question.

Unsurprisingly, the Rangers faithful backed the club’s stance on the situation as fans went on a meltdown on Twitter.

Seemingly the club and their fans cannot digest the fact that their arch-rivals would be crowned champions when it was still ‘mathematically’ possible for Celtic not to be the at the top had the season went on.

Betting giants, Paddy Power, who are known to throw a jibe at the Scottish clubs now and then, has come out with a hilarious ‘fan-denial’ video mocking Rangers and their fans over the whole saga.

Needless to say, Celtic fans truly loved the output from Paddy Power –