(Video) Millwall fans booing players taking the knee before their game with Derby County


Fans were allowed for the first time at the Den since the eruption of the Covid-19 pandemic and the first thing that they did was boo the players who took to the knee for Black Lives Matter.

A group of fans at Millwall started booing when the players, management & officials took the knee before the game with Derby County kicked off.

A few fans ruining all the good work that Millwall have done to help the community and improve their reputation.

Safe to say, no one is surprised and perhaps, even the club expected the booing to happen. Doesn’t make it any less horrible though.

Check out footage of the incident before the kick-off at The Den today –


By Surjit Patowary

Extremely passionate, detail-oriented when it comes to football. Obsessed with the news. Fact-checking is life!

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