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Komi Ryota goes to extreme run-up lengths while taking a penalty in Japan

Komi Ryota goes to extreme run-up lengths while taking a penalty in Japan

The fanciest of penalty run ups always stand out from the conventional ones. The penalty taker is applauded for his immense composure if it goes just right, while things do not look nearly as bright if it ends in failure.

Paul Pogba’s mostly successful attempts at converting spot kicks in a flashy manner are an instance of the former while Simone Zaza’s (scroll down to see the video below) incredibly fancy run up for Italy against Germany in the quarterfinals of the UEFA Euro 2016 comes to mind as an instance of the latter.

Komi Ryota, an aspiring high school footballer from Japan showed extraordinary confidence and composure on his part ad he converted his penalty in an extremely similar style to Pogba and Zaza in the All Japan High School Championship.

Zaza’ infamous penalty at Euro 2016

Ryota stepped up to the penalty spot, and performed his run up in a slowed tip-toe manner made famous by the aforementioned names.

It almost seemed like an entire eternity before Ryota finally made connection with the ball, as he rocketed the ball past the goalkeeper from 12 yards.

The run up to the spot might not be the most aesthetic to watch either as a viewer or in the goalkeeper’s shoes while he is anticipating the shot, but it paid dividends for the young Japanese talent in unreal fashion.

Different approaches to taking a penalty are immensely applauded when done right, such as in the case of Man Utd’s Bruno Fernandes who might make his case as the most prolific yet unconventional penalty taker in Europe.

Young Ryota’s extreme run up while taking a penalty kick for his high school team might ooze of cockiness to the extreme, but the cold blooded way in which he converted in incredible fashion is worth admiration and is turning quite a few eyeballs too.

Check it out below –