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Video – Jamal Lowe poses for Ben Foster’s GoPro after scoring his first goal v Watford

Video – Jamal Lowe poses for Ben Foster’s GoPro after scoring his first goal v Watford

Ben Foster has made a reputation for providing his fans on YouTube with unprecedented access from inside his goal, with highlights of the goalmouth action in every game that he plays for Watford.

Dubbing himself as “TheCyclingGK” on YouTube, not only does Foster display his enthusiasm for cycling on his account: he also blesses his fans with insight into on field action with the help of a GoPro camera that he sets up behind him while keeping goal for Watford.

The GoPro camera is meant to track Foster’s saves as part of a highlight reel of every game, but it did not pay off in Watford recent Championship meeting with Swansea City.

Jamal Lowe scored past Foster in the 43rd minute of the game to equalize for Swansea, and then went on to display his penchant for elite sh*thousery by cheekily pointing at the GoPro camera fit inside Foster’s goal on the night.

Lowe pointed at Foster’s GoPro to wheel away in celebration, adding salt to the wound as he ended Foster’s hopes of keeping his sheet clean.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the moment is likely to not be included in Foster’s highlight reel for the night, but being the sport that the former Man United goalkeeper is: he might just take it with a pinch of salt and add it to the catalogue.

Lowe doubled his tally on the night in the second half to cancel out a Tom Cleverley goal, as Swansea came back from behind to secure a 2-1 win against Watford.

The Welsh outfit currently sit second on the Championship table while their opponents Watford sit sixth in the same table.

Foster’s incredible insight into what first hand goalmouth action feels like in top level football might be dampened by Lowe’s underhanded gamesmanship on the night, but it highlights everything that is interesting about the game of football when the stakes are as high as they usually are.

Check out the cheeky celebration from Lowe below –