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Troy Deeney’s interview is one of the best things happening in football currently

Troy Deeney’s interview is one of the best things happening in football currently

Troy Deeney’s life epitomizes the rags to riches story. Having been through the entire emotional spectrum, Deeney’s story is one that motivates us, and makes us want to be the best version of ourselves.

Let’s take a look at the life-changing events that molded the hero that he truly is. From having to pay to play football to captaining Watford and achieving a legend’s status at the club, Troy has seen the best and worst of football and life.

Troy had it rough early on, with his parents divorcing, him quitting school without any GCSE’s and earning a weekly wage of 120 pounds as a bricklayer. Things were to change for the Englishman in ways he couldn’t have possibly imagined when he signed for Watford.

Struggling to become a regular in the lineup at first, Deeney went on prolific goal scoring form for Watford after a brief spell in prison following his involvement in a brawl.

Reformed after the humbling experience, Deeney has only seen highs with him obtaining captaincy of the club, netting 20+ goals in three consecutive seasons for Watford, and most significantly gaining promotion to the Premier League from the Championship.

His latest high moment comes with his Watford side progressing to the FA Cup final against Man City, after a remarkable 3-2 comeback win against an impressive Wolves team.

Deeney won and converted a late stoppage time penalty to equalize the game at 2-2 and with Watford securing the comeback win in extra-time, the celebrations kicked into high gear for the Hornets.

In the post-match interview, there was no holding back on inspirational words and emotions from Troy.

Known for interviews that don’t fit the mold (remember the “cojones” jab at Arsenal?), Troy pulled another one out of the bag in an interview that is inspirational to say the least.

Talking about how emotional it has been for him over the years, facing setbacks and courageously overcoming them, its was an interview that galvanized football fans.

He went on to apply his words to all aspects of life, saying that no matter what the struggle is now, if you work hard and never give up, it will all be well in the end. The interview clip is definitely worth your while.

Troy Deeney’s story is the thing of dreams. Quickly becoming a phenomenon, he is a symbol of hope and a reminder that one can achieve greatness through hardships. Of all of Deeney’s moments, what’s his best in your opinion?