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Aaron Ramsdale opens up on pocketing extra money from Leeds United fans

Aaron Ramsdale opens up on pocketing extra money from Leeds United fans

Aaron Ramsdale revealed a hilarious anecdote that came about during Arsenal’s recent visit to Elland Road that saw him pocket some extra money on the night.

The shot-stopper had a reasonably uneventful game as Arsenal went on to romp up Leeds United by 4-1.

Appearing for an interview on Ben Foster’s YouTube channel, Ramsdale began by sharing a bit about the events leading up to the match. 

The England goalkeeper revealed that after receiving a hostile welcome from the crowd during the pre-match warm-up, announcements blared to “stop abusing the Arsenal goalkeeper, please”.

But as the match began and Arsenal took the early lead, Ramsdale appeared to be giving it back to the Leeds fans by celebrating right in front of them, invoking more anger in the process.

The 23-year-old revealed that after the goal, the fuming home crowd resorted to throwing odd items that included bottles and lighters and the like.

But as the scoreline progressively worsened for Leeds, home supporters began throwing coins on the pitch, much to Ramsdale’s bewilderment, who didn’t hesitate from collecting them.

“There was one £2 – and I collect those – so I took that,” said the goalkeeper.

“Then there’s quids and 50ps, so I pick them up and I put them by my towel.”

He further revealed that at halftime he stashed the money in the changing room before collecting some more in the subsequent half.

“It was about £17 I pulled off the pitch… and I missed some.”

Ramsdale rounded off his night by cheekily waving and winking in the direction of the home supporters who hadn’t stopped from hurling abuses at him throughout the match.

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